6th Tesshinkan Seminar in Woronesch (RUS)

October, 12 – 14 2023 28 participants from eight dōjō (Semiluki, Voronezh region, Moscow, Moscow region, Orel / Livny, Sevastopol, Yurga, Nordhausen / GER) met in Semiluki near Voronezh for a joint training.  The seminar was organized by Evgenii Kiselev Sensei. Frank Pelny Shihan traveled from Germany as the course leader and as the Shibu-Chō … Read more

Europe-Natsu-Gasshuku, 27. – 30. July 2023 in Nordhausen / Germany

54 participants from 5 nations (Algeria, Austria, Poland, Japan, Germany) completed 16 intensive training units in 4 days. Tamayose Hidemi Kaichô came all the way from Okinawa and impressed with his open and warm nature as well as many technical details in the training. Five Dan exams could be passed: * 5. Dan:       Pierre Lorenz          … Read more

Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan beginner course in Penzberg

On February 18th, despite carnival and the winter holidays, committed karateka met to get a taste of the old weapon art of Kobudo. Sebastian Edelmann could be won as a coach. Sebastian trains karate and kobudo since many years and last year he placed 3rd in the Sai Adult category at the World Tournament in … Read more

Honor for Tamayose Hidemi

On January 7, 2023, our master and association president Tamayose Hidemi was honored by Okinawa-Ken Karate-Dô Rengo Kai with the 10th DAN and the title of Hanshi in Karate-Dô. The Okinawa-Ken Karate-Dô Rengo Ka is the umbrella organization of the four most important karate and kobudô organizations on Okinawa and is subordinate to the prefectural … Read more

Tesshinkan Seminar with Frank Pelny

27 th -30 th October, 2022 in Kaliningrad (RUS) Despite Corona, the Ukraine war and various sanctions, Frank Pelny finally managed to travel to Russia again this year and to give Russian Tesshinkan practitioners the latest updates and to conduct exams. The organizer of the seminar was Pavel Dolgachev, a student of Frank Pelny and … Read more

2. Okinawa Karate World Tournament 2022

1. – 9. August 2022 Okinawa Prefectural Budokan & Okinawa Karate Kaikan Naha / Okinawa / Japan First of all, this Okinawa trip has eclipsed everything that has been done so far in the last 20 years in terms of organizational effort. The travel preparations began in the long term at the end of October … Read more

2. Okinawa Karate World Tournament 2022

1700 starters from 24 nations met in Okinawa in the Okinawa Prefectural Budokan and the Okinawa Karate Kaikan. Here are the results of the four starters of the Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan Kyô Kai: * 1st place / World Champion Stefanie Dahlke (GER) SAI Female Adult II * 3rd place Frank Pelny (GER) BÔ Male Senior … Read more

Europe-Gasshuku on July 21-24, 2022 in Nordhausen / Germany

47 participants from Germany, Austria and Greece met for the Europe Gasshuku, as usual with best “Okinawa weather”. The focus of this year’s training was on partner exercises. The techniques had to be executed at the right distance and with the right timing, with or against the partner. This brought new insights for most of … Read more

Mourning for Donald Shapland Kyôshi

Dear members of our Tesshinkan family, Our Canadian friend Donald Shapland Kyoshi passed away on Sunday evening (June 19) after long illness. Shapland Sensei lived in Okinawa for many years, was a close friend of our master Tamayose Hidemi and a founding member of the Tesshinkan association. He brought the Tesshinkan Kobudô to Canada and … Read more

Volume 5 of the book series “Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan“ published

This fifth volume in the book series “RYÛKYÛ KOBUDÔ TESSHINKAN” completes the description of the original fighting system from Okinawa. In addition to parts 1-3 and the compendium, no technical processes are described in this book, but the underlying biomechanical concepts are explained in a generally understandable manner. 352 pages German / English / RussianISBN:   978-3-7375-1129-2 price: … Read more