Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan beginner course in Penzberg

On February 18th, despite carnival and the winter holidays, committed karateka met to get a taste of the old weapon art of Kobudo. Sebastian Edelmann could be won as a coach. Sebastian trains karate and kobudo since many years and last year he placed 3rd in the Sai Adult category at the World Tournament in Okinawa.

In the first units, the basics of the Bo were dealt with intensively. Where and how to use the hips, how to move the Bo. What was explained could be tried out using very clear examples and subsequent exercises with a partner.

After 2 units of basics and first techniques, the first Bo-Kata, Sushi-no-Kun Sho, was developed. All participants were enthusiastic and so the process could be conveyed in one hour.

After that, the participants went to the “both hands weapon” Sai, which are used in pairs.

After the basics of Sai techniques were covered, full concentration was again required in the last unit. Sai uke, a partner exercise that teaches 10 different blocks with a partner. With the help of your partner you practice the blocks and the correct block position.

After this demanding conclusion, the day was already over. In the evening, what was learned was exchanged and deepened at a joint dinner.

All participants had a lot of fun on the day. We would like to thank Sebastian for the very good and instructive course.