10 Rules

of Ryukyu Kobudo Tesshikan

  1. Always respect others and maintain proper etiquette.
  2. Always be honest.
  3. Respect the individualities of others.
  4. Do not criticize others , put more effort into training.
  5. Respect your elders and seniors.
  6. Do not make excuses.
  7. The dojo is a place to train the mind and body, it must be kept orderly and clean.
  8. Take responsibility and pride in your achievements
  9. Endeavour to develop the mind, technique, and a body through training. Particularly, cultivate your mind to become a valuable person for society.
  10. Tesshinkan is a family. Work together to develop growth.

Tamayose Hidemi, KAICHÔ

10 Rules of Tesshinkan