Easter seminars in Russia

28th March – 9th April 2024 // Tomsk – Jurga – Kaliningrad

Pelny Sensei’s annual seminars in Russia took place over Easter this year.

After initial concerns due to the current tense political situation and the associated very difficult journey via Istanbul, he nevertheless accepted the invitation. He was greeted with warm hospitality on site.

This time the stations were Moscow, Tomsk and Yurga in Siberia and Kaliningrad. In total, Pelny Sensei taught around 220 students in Ryūkyū Kobudō Tesshinkan, Karate-Dō Shōtōkan-Ryū and SaCO self-defense.

During the entire trip there were only positive experiences with the Russian people in a very open, warm and friendly atmosphere.

On March 29, Pelny Sensei reached Moscow. Kiselev Sensei came from Voronezh to help with the change of airports. Thank you very much for that. On this occasion, some organizational things could also be taken care of.

From March 30th to April 1st the seminar took place in Rogozin Sensei’s “Arsenal” club in Tomsk / Siberia, again documented in a report by the russian television. 50 participants from Tomsk, Kemerovo, Yurga, Jashkino and Biysk intensively trained in karate, Ryūkyū Kobudō Tesshinkan and SaCO self-defense.

At the end of the course, six Kyū exams in the Ryūkyū Kobudō Tesshinkan were passed. Also the 1st Dan from Diana Khalimova and the 3rd Dan from Vyacheslav Rogozin.

In SaCO, Vsevolod Nikolaev from Biysk passed student grade 1A.

On April 2nd, Pelny Sensei accepted Marin Sensei’s invitation to the “Tiger” karate club in Yurga, about 100 km from Tomsk.

150 participants from Jurga and Jashkino (Naumov Sensei) enthusiastically trained Pelny Sensei’s interpretation of Karate-Dō Shōtōkan-Ryū with Kihon, Kihon-Ippon-Kumite against Jōdan-Oi-Zuki, Kata Jitte and the corresponding Bunkai. Here too, a television team was on site and reported in detail about this seminar on regional television.

From April 4th to 7th, the last seminar took place in the Ryūkyū Kobudō Tesshinkan at the Kobudō Federation Kaliningrad by Dolgachev Sensei.

11 participants practiced the basic movements of Tesshinkan, Bō techniques, Sai and Nunchaku in sweaty hours.

On the last day, Alexey Isakhov was able to pass the 1st Dan exam and Pavel Dolgachev was able to pass the 5th Dan. Pelny Sensei would like to thank all the organizers for their commitment and great support as well as for their warm hospitality and hopes that it will be possible to meet again next year.