6th Tesshinkan Seminar in Woronesch (RUS)

October, 12 – 14 2023

28 participants from eight dōjō (Semiluki, Voronezh region, Moscow, Moscow region, Orel / Livny, Sevastopol, Yurga, Nordhausen / GER) met in Semiluki near Voronezh for a joint training. 

The seminar was organized by Evgenii Kiselev Sensei. Frank Pelny Shihan traveled from Germany as the course leader and as the Shibu-Chō of Europe and brought with him his famous sunny weather. 

Over the course of three days, intensive work was done on the finer details of the Tesshinkan Kobudō and the changes that had occurred since the last Gasshuku in Nordhausen. But training in Karate-Dō Shōtōkan (kata Kanku-Dai) and a theoretical lesson in biomechanics were also conducted.

Finally, five participants were able to pass their 1st Dan exams in Tesshinkan Kobudō. Together with F. Pelny Shihan, E. Kiselev Sensei participated in the examination committee. In addition, Evgenii Kiselev Sensei was able to pass the 3rd Dan exam in Shōtōkan karate. Congratulations to everyone! 

The exam took place in the new dōjō, which was built and opened just in time for Sensei’s arrival. Evgeniy Kiselev was awarded the dōjō with license No. 43, certified by the head of the Ryūkyū Kobudō Tesshinkan Kyō Kai Tamayoshi Hidemi. He is now an official representative and instructor for the organization. An intensive and instructive seminar left all participants exhausted but satisfied on the way home, which partly led to Siberia and Crimea. The friendly and respectful interaction with each other was very touching. See you soon!