Europe-Gasshuku on July 21-24, 2022 in Nordhausen / Germany

47 participants from Germany, Austria and Greece met for the Europe Gasshuku, as usual with best “Okinawa weather”. The focus of this year’s training was on partner exercises.

The techniques had to be executed at the right distance and with the right timing, with or against the partner. This brought new insights for most of the participants.

The 17th Open Tesshinkan Europe Cup was well staffed in the Bô-Shiai (free fight with Bô). In the end, Robert Zinecker (Nordhausen/Germany) won. Stefanie Dahlke (Erfurt/Germany) won the group kata of dan grades and Stephan Brandenburg (Leipzig/Germany) in the group kata of kyû grades.

We were delighted that Katherine Loukopoulos Sensei (Greece) and her students from Austria took part again.

In a demonstration on Friday evening, members of the Nordhausen In-Motu school demonstrated European medieval sword fighting techniques.

Thanks to the organizer Karate-Do-Kwai Nordhausen e.V. for another perfect seminar and all participants for being there.