10. Europa-Gasshuku in Nordhausen / Germany

Despite Corona, the Europe Gasshuku 2021 was held from July 29th to August 1st. The Karate-Do-Kwai Nordhausen under the lead of Frank Pelny Shihan was the organizing club for the 10th time – a small anniversary.

In addition to participants from all over Germany, Katherine Loukopoulos (8th Dan Matsubayashi-Ryû) from Greece and seven of her students from Austria were among the 46 participants.

The first two days in the Wiedigsburghalle were all about basic training: Bô-no-Kihon, Tekkô-no-Kihon, Sai-no-Kihon and Nunchaku-no-Kihon laid the basis for training of kata and applications on the following two days.

There were 24 starts at the 16th International Open Tesshinkan European Cup on Friday afternoon. The Bô-Shiai category in particular was well attended this year.

* 1st place category Kata master class mix – Stefanie Dahlke (Erfurt / Germany)

* 1st place category Kata student class mix – Lorena Bucher (Vienna / Austria)

* 1st place Bô-Shiai mix – Robert Zinecker (Nordhausen / Germany)

* 1st place Yakusoku-Kumite Team mix – Pierre and Birthe Lorenz (Leipzig / Germany)

The traditional cozy evening meetings with dinner and talks in the Dôjô of the  Karate-Do-Kwai were again very popular and frequented. One highlight was certainly the fire show of two artists on Friday evening.

A total of three Dan exams took place on Saturday afternoon, 1 in Ryûkyû Kobudô for the 2nd Dan and 2 in Shôtôkan Karate also for the 2nd Dan.

The Kyû exams in Ryûkyû Kobudô took place on Sunday morning. Five students were able to successfully pass the higher Kyû degree.

Four great days with good weather, with great people and great training!

Due to the planned 2nd Okinawa Karate International Tournament  beginning of August 2022 on Okinawa, the Europe Gasshuku 2022 will take place from 21.-24. July 2022 – again in Nordhausen of course. See you!