Europe Gasshuku 2019

42 participants from various parts of Germany and even Russia spent an extended weekend to further improve their Kobudo. For the student grades, the focus was put on Bô, Tekkô, Nunchaku and Sai. The Dan ranks, in addition, practice with Tunfâ, Tinbê and Rôchin, as well as Nichô-Gama and Êku was scheduled.

Frank Pelny Shihan, the Shibu-Chô for Europe, was supported by a team of trainers – the Sensei Pierre Lorenz, Sebastian Edelmann, Hagen Walter, Doreen Schilling and Evgenii Kiselev. In addition to the lessons in Ryûkyû Kobudo, every day began with a lesson in Karate: both Ryûkyû Shôrin Ryû Karate-Dô Tesshinkan (Hagen Walter 4° Dan) and Shôtôkan-Ryû (Frank Pelny, 7° Dan).

On Saturday evening, the now 14th Tesshinkan Europe Cup took place. The categories were Kata Kyû grades mixed, Kata Dan grades mixed, Yakusoku-Kumite and Bô-Shiai. The following day, examinations took place. We can proudly announce that two people could advance to 1° Dan Kobudô and one to 1° Dan Shôrin-Ryû. Furthermore, 9 people could advance their Kyû ranks in Kobudô and 2 in Shôrin Ryû. As always, the evenings were spent together feasting on barbecue and chatting in a familiar atmosphere at the hosting Dôjô in Nordhausen.

Thanks to the team of the Karate-Dô-Kwai Nordhausen for the excellent planning and hosting. We are happy to announce that the Gasshuku 2020 in Nordhausen will take place with Tamayose Sensei again.

Results Europe-Cup 2019