Frank Pelny in teaching Karate and Kobudo at seminars in Canada

From June 6 to 11, Frank Pelny stayed in Vancouver/Canada.

Being invited by Mike Scales (8th Dan), the technical director of ShotoCanada, Frank Pelny visited his Dôjô in Coquitlam. We would like to thank Mike Sensei for the invitation. Almost 25 enthusiasts spent the evening together practicing the fundamentals of Shotokan Karate and, later on, exploring the Karate Kata Heian Sandan and learning about its meaning. Following the exhausting training sessions, a joint dinner at a local pub completed the evening.

Next stop: Qualicum Beach / Vancouver Island. Here the focus was set on Tesshinkan Kobudo. The joint training lasted from Saturday until Monday. During these three days, emphasis was put on the finer technical details, leaving all participants with a feeling of improvements.

Again, we would like to express our gratitude towards Rainer Todsen Sensei and Eileen Hanse for their hospitality.

Next year, Frank will return and the seminars will continue at the end of May.