Okinawa Spring Training 2013

From 26th of March to 4th of April a small group from Germany and Italy travelled to Okinawa to stay with Tamayose Sensei. Although the weather was not at its best – the atmosphere was. The participants really enjoyed the oppurtunity to be directly taught by Tamayose Sensei and to explore Okinawa once more.

A very particular highlight of this journey was the short trip to Miyako-Jima, the home isle of Tamayose Sensei. This trip offered also the chance to visit Ikema-Jima and the house he was born and grew up in. Another exciting and impressive event was meeting the Sensei’s mother. The trip to the so-called “Ueno German Village” was rather quaint.

Of course there was also a lot of training including excercise at beach as well. All in all the entire programme ranging from BO-NO-KIHON up to the 6th DAN-KATA was part of the schedule supervised by Sensei’s observant eyes.

We thank you and your family very much, Tamayose Sensei, for your incredible hospitality.