3rd International Ryûkyû Kobudô Seminar in Minsk / Belarus

From February 13th until 16th the International League of Traditional Martial Arts, headed by Sensei Sergey Mirutenko, organised a special event in Minsk, Belarus – for the third time.

Attended by 110 people from Belarus, Ukraine and Germany, the seminar focused on details which were practised in distinct groups.

Sensei Frank Pelny, technical director for Europe, once again succeeded to convince the trainees by clear methods and interesting applications. Especially BÔ-UKE-KUMITE, BUNKAI of SAKUGAWA-NO-KUN (SHÔ), NUNCHAKU-, SAI- and TUNFA-basics were main topics.

Who else could be blamed for running the perfect framework of this seminar than Sensei Mirutenko and his team! Thank you.

Saying good-bye is never easy, but the next meeting will be in nearly no time – the Europe Gasshuku with Kaichô Tamayose in Nordhausen, Germany, in July 2013.