7th International Seminar in Tomsk (Russia)

All in all there were 75 participants from the Dôjôs of Biysk, Anzhero-Sudzhensk, Tomsk (Arsenal & Shotokan Dojo) and Jashkino who gathered to the Dôjô of Rogozin Sensei to practice and train Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan and SaCO Self-defense under the guidance of Frank Pelny Sensei of Germany.

On Sunday morning examinations were held and 22 participants were tested in Kobudô (3x 2nd Kyû, 2x 3rd Kyû, 8x 4th Kyû, 8x 5th Kyû, 1x 6th Kyû). Being tested in self-defense, 4 examinees succeeded. On occasion of this event even the local TV-station has gathered thither, additionally an interview with Frank Pelny was held and some of his demonstrations were recorded too. The Sunday afternoon was occupied by the 7th Siberian Cup in Kobudô. The four categories to start in were: male youths, male adults, female and Kumite team. In the end Vladislav Rogozin was able to win the Siberian Cup.

We have to thank Sensei Vyacheslav Rogozin who again organized this event perfectly.

Following an invitation by Pavel Naumov, on Monday, 28th of October, Frank Pelny travelled to Jaschkino, a ride of about 150km (roughly 2.5 hours) from Tomsk.

Some 35 participants of the Shôtôkan Dôjô of the pedagogue Pavel Naumov enjoyed two lessons with the German guest-trainer. Even the local press took a peak to view and document this extra-ordinary event with this foreign guest.

The 8th Internatial Seminar 2014 will take place in Tomsk from 10th to 12th October, followed by a Shôtôkan seminar in Jashkino on 13th October.