2nd Tesshinkan seminar in Voronezh (Russia)

From October 1st to 3rd the second Tesshinkan seminar with Frank Pelny, the technical director of the Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan Kyô Kai Europe, took place in Voronezh. Host Evgenii Kiselev rented some space from the recently-built “Aquamarin” Gazprom Sportcenter and did a wonderful job organizing the seminar.

There were 5 public and some special lessons dedicated to practicing and improving one’s skills with Bô, Tekkô, Nunchaku and Sai. The 20 participants focused mainly on the Kyû programme. Apart from citizens of Voronezh, Sergei Anokhin (4th Dan Fudokan) from Livny and Konstiantyn Deriahin from Sevastopol (1st Dan Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan) took part in the seminar.

Concluding the seminar, Kyû tests took place and yielded two new yellow belts and one green belt. Furthermore the production of reasonable-priced, higher quality Kobudô weapons in the Voronezh area was discussed. We are looking forward to presenting the results at the next Gasshuku. The weather gave an exceptionally beautiful frame to the seminar. It is certain to say that this won’t be Frank’s last time in Voronezh.