11th Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan Seminar in Tomsk / Siberia (RUS)

October 6-8 2017
11th International Karate and Kobudô Seminar in Tomsk
11th Siberia-Cup in Kobudô

Despite the cold temperatures, 55 participants from 9 Dôjô (Arsenal Tomsk, Biysk, Anzhero-Sudzhensk, Krasnojarsk, 2x Kemerovo, Taiga, Jashkino and Panter Pervomayskoe) of the Tomsk region in Siberia gathered to Tomsk in order to attend the now 11th international seminar with Frank Pelny, the technical director of the Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan Kyô Kai Europe.

The event was hosted and organized by Vyacheslav Rogozin Sensei – impeccably as always. This year the focus was set upon Karate and Kobudô. All in all, 14 hours of training were scheduled. Furthermore, the 11th Siberian Kobudô-Cup took place. The available categories included Kata students male, Kata adult male, Kata female and Yakusoku-Kumite mix. The subsequent tests resulted in 11 promotions (5x yellow belt, 1x orange, 4x green, 1x blue).

The atmosphere felt like family and the Russian Tesshinkan family did not hesitate to spoil Frank Sensei with small presents and invitations. The 12th seminar will take place in Tomsk from October 12-14 2018.