Fall Seminars in the Russian Federation

From October 4 to 15, 2018, Frank Pelny Shihan, the Shibu-Chô of Tesshinkan Europe, was invited to Russia to conduct the annual seminars. In the cities of Voronezh and Tomsk, each 20 hours were dedicated to training, competiting and testing.

October 5-9, Seminar in Voronezh
25 participants from Semiluki, Voronezh, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Sevastopol and Livni spent 4 days together at facilities of the sport centre “Aquamarin” in Semiluki to hone their skills in Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan. Evgenii Kiselev took care of hosting and organising – and he did, to no one’s surprise, a great job. The participants did receive some small presents and certificates. Some participants even took the chance to be tested for their next belt and passed successfully.

October 11-14, Seminar in Tomsk
43 participants from Tomsk, Taiga, Kemerova, Anzhero-Sudhensk, Byisk and Yashkino spent three days at the Dôjô of the club “Arsenal” headed by Vyacheslav Rogozin. The schedule covered Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan, Karate and SaCO-self defense. Furthermore, the Siberia Cup was held for the now 12th time. Concluding the clinic, belt examinations in Kobudô and SaCO-self defense were held and passed, too. The seminar even spawned so much attention that a TV news crew watched the seminar and did interviews.

Rogozin Sensei, once again, put a lot of effort into the successful organisation of the seminar, and for that we want to express our sincerest gratitude.