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18th-22nd October 2018

-> TESSHINKAN-athletes from Tomsk (RUS / Siberia) wins at the 3rd European Karate Championchip in Orel (RUS) in Kobudô! <-
1th place - Kobudô 16-17 years - Sergei Poturaev
2nd place - Kobudô 18-20 years - Daria Sandakova
2nd place - Kobudô 12-13 years - Ivan Timonin
3rd place - Kobudô 12-13 years - Stephan Osinenko

5th August 2018

-> Tesshinkan Shihan-Menkyo for Frank Pelny (GER) <-

8th August 2018

-> results of "The 1st Okinawa Karate International Tournament" in Naha / Okinawa <-

1st place - Adult I, Sai: Hagen Walter (GER)
4th place - Adult I, Sai: Michaela Frost (GER)
5th place - Adult I, Sai: Sebastian Edelmann (GER)
5th place - Adult I, Sai: Martin Mähler (GER)


3rd - 5th November 2017

-> TESSHINKAN-athletes from Belarus wins at the FUDOKAN World-Championships in Cluj-Napoka (RO) in Kobudô! <-
1th place - Kobudô 55-59 years - Sergei Mirutenko
1th place - Kobudô 26-42 years - Igor Mirutenko
1th place - Kobudô 20-23 years - Alexei Mirutenko
1th place - Kobudô 13-16 years - Zahar Leonenko

March 2017

-> 1st Okinawa Karate International Tournament <-
These will take place from 1st to 8th August 2018 on Okinawa. Competition sites will be the Budôkan and Karate Kaikan.

21st March 2017

-> New textbook only about NUNCHALKU <-
Based on the book trilogy "RYÛKYÛ KOBUDÔ TESSHINKAN" by Frank Pelny all information about the Okinawan weapon NUNCHAKU were bundled in this book: history, fundamentals, basic techniques, KATA, partner exercises and terminology.

* A5 size, hardcover
* 380 pages
* about 60 b/w photographs and sketches
* German / English / Russian
* ISBN:  978-3-7375-0995-4
* price:   EURO  29,00    + shipping

12th - 18th January 2017

-> First visit of Tamayose Kaichô in Sri Lanka <-
For the first time Tamayose Kaichô and his wife Masako-san visit Sri Lanka.
Invited by B. Prasanna Fernando Sensei from Marawila.


12th - 16th October 2016

-> TESSHINKAN-athletes from Belarus wins at the FUDOKAN European-Championships in Cracow (PL) in Kobudô! <-
1th place - Kobudô senior   - Sergei Mirutenko
1th place - Kobudô adult     - Igor Mirutenko

March 2-7, 2016

-> Members of the Tesshinkan Sri Lanka-branch visiting Tamayose Sensei on Okinawa for the first time <-
B. Prasanna Fernando Sensei (7th DAN Karate) and Nandakumara Chithrapalamge (4th DAN Karate) of Marawila / Sri Lanka spent several days training with Tamayose Sensei on Okinawa and got to know about the history and sights of the birthplace of Karate & Kobudô.

30th January 2016

-> 1st Tesshinkan-seminar on Sri Lanka <-
On January 30 the first official seminar of the Ryûkû Kobudô Tesshinkan Kyô Kai - Sri Lanka branch took place, organized by Sensei B. Prasanna Fernando, 7th Dan Karate.
70 participants, mostly Shôtôkan-students of Prasanna Fernando Sensei, but also of friends of his and further, interested masters (a.o. Gôjû-Ryû), have gathered to Marawila (about 50km north of Colombo). They intensively studied BÔ basic exercises, the application of BÔ-no-Kihon number 3 and the BÔ-Kata Shûshi-no-Kun (Shô).
Additionaly, Frank Pelny taught a Karate class, and, especially for the police prison officers, SaCO (SaCO - Self-Defense and Close Combat system), for two hours.



-> に玉寄会長は十段を沖縄県古武道連盟にもらいました <-

December 4-6, 2015

-> 3 World Champion Titles for the TESSHINKAN <-
More than 1000 athletes form 28 countries took part in the 6th World Championship of the FUDOKAN-association in Belgrad. The tournament offered competitions in both KARATE and KOBUDÔ.
The TESSHINKAN-athletes from the Republic of Belarus succeeded to claim three World Champion titles as their own:
* Sergei Mirutenko - category 49-60 years
* Igor Mirutenko - category 21-35 years
* Aleksei Mirutenko - category 19-21 years

25th September 2015

-> New textbook only about TEKKÔ <-
Based on the book trilogy "RYÛKYÛ KOBUDÔ TESSHINKAN" by Frank Pelny all information about the Okinawan fistfight weapon TEKKÔ were bundled in this book: history, fundamentals, basic techniques, KATA and partner exercises.

* A5 size, hardcover
* 344 pages
* about 50 b/w photographs and sketches
* German / English / Russian
* ISBN:  978-3-7375-0993-0
* price:   EURO  29,00    + shipping

13th-18th August 2015

-> Tesshinkan Sri Lanka Branch-Instructor Visiting Germany <-
B. Prasanna Fernando, Chief Instructor of the International Shotokan Karate Federation in Sri Lanka (6th DAN Shôtôkan) and his student Nanda Kumara Chithrapalamge (4th DAN Shôtôkan) visited the technial direktor of Europe, Frank Pelny, in order to study Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan and to introduce it Sri Lanka.

2nd August 2015

-> "Distinguished Service Award" of the Okinawa Ken Kobudô Renmei <-
At the Sayonara party after the "2015 Okinawa Traditional Kobudo World Tournament" 9 foreigners were honored for their commitment to spread the Ryukyu Kobudo with a award.

From TESSHINKAN were honored:
* Donald Shapland (CAN)
* Frank Pelny (GER)
* Rainer Seibert (GER)

1st August 2015

-> Results of the "2015 Okinawa Traditional Kobudo World Tournament" in Naha / Okinawa <-

1th place - World Champion         - SAI adult male:           Hagen Walter (GER)
                                                 - BÔ senior male:          Sergei Mirutenko (BLR)
                                                 - BÔ junior high female: Kyoka Yamakawa Shapland (CAN)

2nd place - Vice World Champion - BÔ senior male:           Frank Pelny (GER)
                                                 - BÔ SHIAI:                   Pavel Dolgachev (RUS)

4th place                                    - BÔ senior male:           Brian Ash (USA)
                                                 - SAI senior male:          Kevin Mellor (CAN)

5th place                                    - BÔ senior female:        Lisa McLain Ash (USA)

6th place                                    - SAI adult male:           Sebastian Edelmann (GER)
                                                 - BÔ adult male:            Igor Miroutenko (BLR)
                                                 - SAI adult female:        Andrea Bernhardt (GER)

7th place                                    - BÔ adult female:         Doreen Schilling (GER)
                                                 - SAI adult male:           Pavel Dolgachev (RUS)

Participation:                              - BÔ adult male:            Viktor Vollmer (GER)
                                                 - BÔ adult male:            Kostiantyn Deriahin (RUS)
                                                 - BÔ adult male:            Christopher Ryan Prince (CAN)

27th - 29th March 2015

-> TESSHINKAN-athletes from Belarus wins at the FUDOKAN European-Championships in Naples (IT) in Kobudô! <-
1th place - Kobudô senior   - Sergei Mirutenko
1th place - Kobudô adult     - Igor Mirutenko
1th place - Kobudô youth    - Alexei Mirutenko
2nd place - Kobudô youth   - Vlad Cigirev
3rd place - Kobudô student - Ilija Uskich


1st November, 2014

-> New Book: RYÛKYÛ KOBUDÔ TESSHINKAN - Compendium <-
This book, for the first time ever worldwide, contains the entire curriculum of the traditional weapon-based martial art RYÛKYÛ KOBUDÔ TESSHINKAN from Okinawa.
All sequences are displayed clearly displayed on figures step-by-step.
Additionally it includes a brief historical overview, as well as rank requirements, test and competition regulations.
Being coil bound this book is a quite handy compendium for training, tests and competition.

* A5 size, soft cover, coil binding
* 344 pages
* 170 figures with hundreds of b/w photographies
* German / English / Russisch
* ISBN: 978-3-7375-0994-7
* Preis: 42 Euro + shipping

10th October, 2014

-> 2015 Okinawa Traditional Kobudô World Tournament <-
Information und competition rules of the World Tournament from July 31st -August 2th, 2014:
* Invitation
* competition rules
* referee signals
* seminars
* events


October 2014

-> Founding of the "North American Tesshinkan Rengo Kai" <-


24th September, 2014

-> New Book: RYÛKYÛ KOBUDÔ TESSHINKAN - volume 3 <-
The third part completes the book series "RYÛKYÛ KOBUDÔ TESSHINKAN". For the first time in 40 years, since the release of the trilogy "RYÛKYÛ KOBUDÔ" (JÔKAN, CHÛKAN, GEKAN) by INOUE MOTOKATSU (1918-1993) in 1972-1974, a complete description of an Okinawan weapon- based martial art has been made available - this is the second time ever.

* A5 size, hardcover
* 428 pages
* ca. 1000 s/w b/w photographs and sketches
* ISBN: 978-3-7375-0991-6
* Preis: 42 Euro + shipping


2nd-3rd November, 2013

-> TESSHINKAN-Sportsmen triumph at tournament in Kazakhstan! <-
From November 2nd to 3rd an international Karate and Kobudô tournament which was attended by more than 300 participants took place in Kazakhstan.
A group from the Siberian Kobudô Federation of Tomsk/Russia started tere too to represent the Tesshinkan.
In the category of Kobudô-Kata all 1st placed competitors were Tesshinkan-men from Tomsk.
These are the results:
1st Place - Kobudô 6- 8 years - Sergey Gotin
1st Place - Kobudô 9-11 years - Sergey Poturaev
1st Place - Kobudô 12-14 years - Dmitriy Logachev
1st Place - Kobudô 15-17 years - Vladislav Rogozin
1st Place - Kobudô 18+ years - Vyacheslav Rogozin

June, 2013

-> Tamayose Sensei has been elected as the new vice-president of the "Okinawa Ken Kobudô Renmei"! <-
Tamayose Sensei has been elected as the new vice-president of the "Okinawa Ken Kobudô Renmei", the umbrella organisation of the Okinawan weapon arts.
This is a great honour for Tamayose Sensei, our teacher, and for the Tesshinkan in general of course.

4th May, 2013

-> TESSHINKAN-Sportsmen won tournament in Germany! <-
On the 4th of May the "International Funakoshi-Cup 2013" took place in Lauf/ Bavaria/ Germany.
More than twenty clubs from five federal states and even competitors from Israel gathered there yielding 220 starts in Karate and Kobudô.
Six athletes from Nordhausen and Jena joined in to compet in Kobudô-Kata to represent the Tesshinkan.
These are the results:
1st Place - Frank Pelny
2nd Place - Hagen Walter

March, 2013

-> referee's tunic <-
There are 8 referee's tunics at our disposal now. These can be worn and pulled over our GI easily and fast, thus giving all referees and officials a uniform and official appearance at e.g. tournaments.

March, 2013

-> A special bag for weapons for Ryûkyû Kobudô! <-
From now this custom-made bag can be ordered via Frank Pelny. This bag for weapons offers:
* durable material.
* separate pouches for ALL weapons.
* a big pouch (size of the entire bag) behind the weapon pouches
   (e.g. for Hanbô or Gi).
* three straps for closing.
* another padded strap on the back of the bag for carrying.
* 2 D-rings which a lock can be attached to (according to Germany's weapons law).
* size: ca. 110 x 60 cm (rolled out).
* Priece per piece: 75 Euro (without weapons)

February, 2013

-> The Kobudô books by Frank Pelny will also be available as e-books! <-
These books will be available as e-books from the end of April 2013 on in all e-book-stores. Here some information:
* "Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan"                  e-Book ISBN 9783848240241     23.99 Euro
* "Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan - volume 2" e-Book ISBN 9783848239078     23.99 Euro


July, 2012

-> 10 years of Tesshinkan in Europe! <-
In July 2002 Tamayose Sensei stayed in Europe for the first time. Since then he visited his European students every year, except for 2008.
By now there are Tesshinkan practitioners in six different European countries:
Germany, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia and the Czech Republic.


14th September, 2011

-> New textbook: RYÛKYÛ KOBUDÔ TESSHINKAN - volume 2 <-
By the release of the second part of the book series "RYÛKYÛ KOBUDÔ TESSHINKAN" this KOBUDÔ-stile seems to bet he best documented one world wide.
A lot of single and partner exercises as well as KATA for 4th and 5th DAN to are described in this book which enable one’s further progress. In order to support hundreds of photographs and additional historical information are included.

* A 5 size, hardcover
* 456 pages
* about 1400 photographs and sketches
* only in German language
* ISBN: 978-3-8448-6601-8
* price: EURO 42,00 + shipping

Buch2.gif, 42kB

1st September, 2011

-> New book: RYÛKYÛ KOBUDÔ TESSHINKAN - Compendium <-
This is a handy reference book for both training, competition and examinations. It includes all fixed, additional technique combinations of the RYÛKYÛ KOBUDÔ TESSHINKAN KYÔ KAI - EUROPE.
Clear tables of figures and photographs enable one to easily comprehend all KATA and KIHON up to the 5th Dan.
Examination programmes and a set of rules make this compact book complete.

* A 5 size, paperback ring-bound
* 302 pages
* more than 100 tables with hundreds of photographs
* German / English / Russian
* price: 29 Euro + shipping

Compendium.gif, 43kB

1st July, 2011

Because of discrepancies, the current third President of the Ryûkyû Kobudô Hozon Shinkô Kai - Akamine Hiroshi - leave the federation and established his own association, the RYÛKYÛ KOBUDÔ SHIMBUKAN.

logo_Shimbukan.gif, 4,8kB

30th August, 2011

-> Kobudô World Tournament <-
The date for the world tournament of Okinawa Ken Kobudô Renmei was established on August 2015.

1st May, 2011

-> Tesshinkan-jackets <-
Our friend Holly Molgaard-Tuttle from Vancouver-Island / Canada had designed a Tesshinkan-jacket. It is a kind of rain-jacket in very good quality.
The goal is that all Tesshinkan-members all over the world can to waer a uniform jacket. Only the country flags, country name and the individual name are different.
All graphics are embroidered, no pressure! By this this jacket is very high-class!
The cost per jacket are 175 CAD = 126 € + shipping and custom.
This jacket you can have in size S / M / L / XL.
Please order by Frank Pelny or directly at: hollymt@shaw.ca

Jacket.gif, 38kB

17th April, 2011

-> Nick Carter <-
Our friend and Tesshinkan coach of Florida, Nick Carter, has died after a short but serious cancer.
We are deeply saddened!

NickCarter.gif, 54kB


14th March, 2010

-> Tesshinkan becomes popular in Poland <-
Mr. Jerzy Sokolinski from Ostroda, Republic of Poland, has been practicing RyuTe Kempo Karate. His interest in Ryûkyû Kobudô, having been lasting for a long time, could be satisfied finally: on 13th and 14th of March 2010 he visited Norhausen, Germany, in order to be taught the basics of Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan intensively by the technical director of Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan Kyôkai Europe, Frank Pelny.
The kyû-programme was a huge part of the timetable: Bô, Tekkô, Nunchaku, Sai. A lot of information could be exchanged, which helped Mr. Sokolinski to understand the Tesshinkan-system.
Frank Pelny promised to support him anyway in order to even the way for a development of Tesshinkan in Poland.
We are very confident, that Mr. Sokolinski will do a great job.

Sokolinski.gif, 44kB


1st January, 2009

-> 2009 Okinawa Karatedo & Kobudo Wourld Tournament <-
Information and competition rules of the World Tournament on 14th - 16th August 2009:
* invitation
* competition rules


1st February, 2007

The first textbook on Tesshinkan is released worldwide! At 512 pages and over 1500 photos that Tesshinkan is explained.

* only in German language
* ISBN: 978-3-8334-7058-5
* price: 42 Euro + shipping

Buch1.gif, 35kB


7th June, 2005

-> Okinawa: 9th DAN and HANSHI-title for Tamayose-Sensei! <-
For he spread and conserved the RYÛKYÛ KOBUDÔ worldwidely Tamayose-Sensei has been awarded with the 9th DAN and the degree of a HANSH in June 2005!
We congratulate you very much, Sensei! All members of the TESSHINKAN KYÔ KAI are very proud of this event!


19th December, 2004

-> Okinawa:    foundation of anew head organization for Ryûkyû Kobudô! <-
On 19th December 2004 a new organization for Ryûkyû Kobudô was founded - the OKINAWA KEN KOBUDÔ RENMEI.
The aim of this new organization is to represent all Kobudô as a unit towards Karate and at competitions.
Every joined association stays completely souverain.
It was founded by 7 styles which have the right to veto. But others styles may join, too.
Founding members are:
1st Nakamoto Masahiro - president / BUN BU KAN
   (Splitting of the Ryûkyû Kobudô Hozon Shinkô Kai)
2nd Iha Koutarou - vice president / RYU KON KAI
3rd Shimabukuro Tsuneo - vice president / MATAYOSHI RYÛ
4th Shiroma Kiyonori - chief director / MOI TI MOTOBU RYÛ
5th Kinjo Masakatsu - vice chief director / RYÛKYÛ KOBUDÔ HOZON KAI
   (Splitting of the Ryûkyû Kobudô Hozon Shinkô Kai)
6th Akamine Hiroshi - executive director / RYÛKYÛ KOBUDÔ HOZON SHINKÔ KAI
7th Tamayose Hidemi - secretary-general / RYÛKYÛ KOBUDÔ TESSHINKAN KYOKAI
   (Splitting of the Ryûkyû Kobudô Hozon Shinkô Kai)
Number 4 (Shiroma Kiyonori) and 7 (Tamayose Hidemi) are also members of the OKINAWA KEN KARATEDO RENGOKAI and represent that new organization there.

Renmei.gif, 36kB