From 26th April until 8th May 2005
Third TESSHINKAN spring-seminar on Okinawa

From 26th April till 8th May the third TESSHINKAN spring-seminar conducted by Tamayose Sensei (at this time still 8th dan) took place on Okinawa.

the delegation:
from Germany
* Rainer Seibert (Federal-coach of the KKD/GKF / Waldböckelheim)
* Frank Pelny (Honbu-Kai trainer for Tesshinkan KKD/GKF / Nordhausen)
* Stephan Becsei (he is responsible for all plannings of seminars and competitions / Frankfurt M.)
* Sebastian Edelmann (Dôjô-leader / Halle)
* Gerhard Staab (Dôjô-leader / Friedberg)
* Karsten Matzdorf (Dôjô-leader / Berlin)
* Claudia Dauch (Friedberg)
* Ursula Jasinski (Mörlenbach)
from Estonia
* Alexander Zökov (Dôjô-leader / Tallin)
* Vladimir Mathjosko (Tallin).

They already met on Monday morning, 25th April, to arrive finally in Okinawa on the next day's afternoon, where they were welcomed personally by Tamayose Sensei. The Sensei took care of them as usually in a touching manner. Over the years his students did not only stay as students, they really became friends.

The most important was the joint training. For the KKD-delegation consisted of both masters and beginners, the whole programme until the 3rd dan was trained in different "classes/forms". Everyone could make great progress because of the detailled corrections of Sensei. The Okinawa-typical beach training was also compulsory.

Sebastian Edelmann could the 2nd dan-examination. What he had shown, was a great job. He is one of fifteen in the whole world who achieved this graduation. He also has become an official KYÛ-examinator for Europe.

The new-created TESSHINKAN-homepage of the KKD was shown to Tamayose-sensei. He felt very touched and gave the task to run the official RYÛKYÛ KOBUDÔ TESSHINKAN KYÔKAI homepage.

changed details of some techniques and other things:
* SAI-JÔDAN-KÔSA-UKE (Crossing block/ 1st technique of CHIKIN-SHITAHAKU-NO-SAI): the YOKU have to be held horizontly, thus when you block a SHÔMEN-UCHI the SAI will slide down on eachother and finally they will be stopped by catching eachother with the YOKU.
* By the way Tamayose-sensei agreed once more to the examination programme created by Frank Pelny and Sebastian Edelmann in August 2004. This programme is obligatory for everyone in Europe who wants to get a KYÛ-grade in TESSHINKAN.
* Tamayose-sensei also told us that the KEITOZU (linage) of the RYÛKYÛ KOBUDÔ TESSHINKAN was correct.
One evening the Sensei invited Rainer Seibert and Frank Pelny to his home. They and some other TESSHINKAN masters had a council about matching names to the technique which have been left on the documents of the dead Ô-sensei Akamine Eisuke.

Tamayose also informed about the foundation of the OKINAWA KEN KOBUDO RENMEI. For details look at the button "news"!

We also spent much time on sightseeing and shopping ( although there were only two women with us). Thanks to Stephan Becsei who could get us a little bit discount for our huge order of weapons, gis and everything else at SHUREIDO. Sensei gave his best to show us the most beautiful and historically most important places on his island. Shuri-castle, Ryûkyû kingdom village, Peace memorial, budokan and odori-festivals are just some of these highlights. At the end of the seminar the Sensei gave us the possibility to relax on Sesoko-island/ Motobu for two days. Amazing and just great. Warm ocean water, a great beach for taking photos.

All in all a very huge "thank you" to Tamayose-Sensei and Uehara-Sensei and their families who took care of us. This seminar was great, the Teshinkan-familie came eachother a big step closer.

Then goodbye until summercamp in Klatovy/ CZ. We hope there will be many participants who can demonstrate Sensei Tamayose that TESSHINKAN conquered many KKD-members' hearts.

    Frank Pelny
KKD Honbu-Kai trainer

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group school
group SHURI
SESOKO island