1st Tesshinkan seminar on Sri Lanka

On January 30 the first official seminar of the Ryûkû Kobudô Tesshinkan Kyô Kai - Sri Lanka branch took place, organized by Sensei B. Prasanna Fernando, 7th Dan Karate.
Prasanna Fernando Sensei and Nandakumara Sensei (4th DAN) had already stayed with Frank Pelny Sensei, the technical director of the Ryûkû Kobudô Tesshinkan Kyô Kai - Europe, for several days back in August 2015 to practice intensively. Now, they have invited Frank Pelny to teach in Sri Lanka.

70 participants, mostly Shôtôkan-students of Prasanna Fernando Sensei, but also of friends of his and further, interested masters (a.o. Gôjû-Ryû), have gathered to Marawila (about 50km north of Colombo). They intensively studied BÔ basic exercises, the application of BÔ-no-Kihon number 3 and the BÔ-Kata Shûshi-no-Kun (Shô).
Additionaly, Frank Pelny taught a Karate class, and, especially for the police prison officers, SaCO (SaCO - Self-Defense and Close Combat system), for two hours.

An Sunday morning the certificates of participation were handed out and acknowledgements were given to the sponsors during a three-hour event filled with Karate and Kobudô demonstrations, speeches and awards. The opening was made following Sri Lanka's tradition by a group of temple dancers and the lighting of candles. The prominent audience, from the director general of the prison administration to clerical and communal deputies to parents and sponsors, made this event something very spectacular and dignified. Sensei Prasanna Fernando was awarded for having served for 25 years teaching close-combat to the prison police officers. Frank Pelny, too, was honoured for coming to Sri Lanka.

The next official seminar has already been planned and is set to take place on the second weekend in February 2017 in Marawila.