The 2015 official Tesshinkan seminar in Voronezh (Russia)

The regular Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan seminar took place in Voronezh from 9th to 12th of April. And arrival of Frank Pelny, who is the Technical director of Tesshinkan in Europe, made this event international. 30 people participated in the seminar. Most of them were from Voronezh and Voronezh region. Also Pavel Dolgachev from Kaliningrad, who had acquainted the Voronezh members with Kobudô Tesshinkan martial art, participated in the seminar.

The main point of the seminar was the improvement of skills precisely in Kobudô. But beside the Kobudô trainings Frank Pelny did several trainings dedicated to Karate. He is a qualified instructor in Shôtôkan Karate-dô and has an interesting point of view on methods and techniques of this style. The main distinctive feature is his aspiration for looking at Karate from practical point of view. That is why the classic techniques of Shôtôkan were combined with self-defense. It was interesting that all the participants of the Kobudô seminar - there were 30 of them - took part in the Karate seminar with pleasure, as well.

Tesshinkan trainings had a lot of pair work in them. Pelny-sensei set a high temp of learning new and revising already learnt material. It was difficult, but everyone managed to cope with it. As a result, the whole programme till 2nd Kyû (2nd Kyû included) was completed.

On Saturday, 11th of April, there was Tesshinkan competition, apart from the trainings. There were two parts: Kata and Yakusoku-Kumite. There were 8 participants among boys (8-14 years old) and 9 sportsmen among 15 years old and older. The high level of competition could be seen in both groups. The Yakusoku-Kumite part was first presented in Voronezh, but it was a spectacular event, too.
* Kata Kobudô (8-14 years old)
1st place: Kovrov Kirill
2nd place: Shirokikh Maksim
3rd place: Avdeev Maksim
3rd place: Boyarkin Nikita
* Kata Kobudô (15 years and older)
1st place: Kiselev Evgenii
2nd place: Konyukhova Viktoria
3rd place: Knyazev Evgenii
3rd place: Pavlenko Nikita
* Kumibô (3 pairs)
1st place: Zamuruev Denis, Konyukhova Viktoria
2nd place: Knyazev Evgenii, Kiselev Evgenii
3rd place: Pupyshev Vladimir, Roslyakov Oleg

Although it was a holiday on the last day of the seminar, the number of participants did not decrease. The reason for that was their wish to pass their examinations in Kobudô. Evgenii Kiselev got the 1st Kyû, Evgenii Knyazev got the 2nd Kyû. Viktoria Konyukhova successfully passed her exam to the 3rd Kyû. Four more sportsmen got their yellow belts (5th Kyû).

The inviting party thanks Frank Pelny and hopes that visiting Voronezh region will be a regular work for sensei, so the level of the local Kobudô sportsmen will be developing.