Seminar in Qualicum Beach

From June 6th to 8th, 18 participants from six dôjô (Qualicum Beach - 4, Courtenay - 5, Vernon - 2, Salt Spring Island - 4 and Powell River - 3) in Canada/ British Columbia took advantage of this rare opportunity to be taught by tow teachers at once at one seminar.
Frank Pelny Sensei of Germany, the technical director of the Tesshinkan in Europe, paid a visit to his friend Rainer Todsen Sensei of Vancouver Island. This visit was of course used to intensively train Tesshinkan together.
For the participants of that seminat this meant 12 hours of very intense training. In addition to Kihon and Kata practice many partner excercises deepening the understanding of the basics a lot, were employed as well. Those who planned to be tested for a black belt this year were thoroughly taken care of, too.
The barbecue held in Rainer Todsen's home every evening offered a good chance to get in touch with eachother and to have a good time outside the dôjô as well.
The seminar left the impression of a very well-organized event with competent teachers and enthusiast participants. Once more we thank Eileen Hanuse and Rainer Todsen for the perfect organizing around the seminar.