Central Russia meets Tesshinkan

8-9 of August Ryûkyû Kobudô seminar was held in Fryazino (Moscow region, RUS). Pavel Dolgachev (Kaliningrad, RUS) was invited there by local budôka. Event was organized by kobudô instructor Kirill Marychev.

Few people from cities Fryazino and Klin during a row of training classes diligently studied techniques of classical Okinawan Kobudô. Bô-jutsu was a basis of this seminar (Bô-no-Kihon at first and applications at first). Other weapons, such Tekkô, Nunchaku and Sai were researched too. Methods of utilizing them will let seminar's participants later to master a Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan skills.

10-12 of August was held next seminar – in city Voronezh. Gennadiy Plotnikov (3 dan karate) organized it. Few peoples from Voronezh and three from Lipetsk during three training days learned Bô-no-Kihon, Shûshi-no-Kun (Shô) + applications, Kihon with Nunchaku, Tekkô, Sai, and a lot of special exercises also. At both seminars paticipants were interested by traditional warm-up, utilizing a Bô.

By agreements of the parts next seminars will be held in close future.