Tesshinkan-Europe-Gasshuku 2012
* 7 Nations United *

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From July 26th to 20th the European Tesshinkan community met in Nordhausen (Germany) to train together directly under their head - Tamayose Hidemi (9th Dan Kobudô, 6th Dan Shôrin-Ryû) - Kobudô and Karate.
The participants, who were 62 people all in all, came from various parts of Germany, from Kaliningrad and Siberia (Russia), from Minsk (Belarus) and Sevastopol (Ukraine) and even budôka from Italy and Canada arrived. And of course, we shall not forget, our master Tamayose Sensei from Okinawa.
Up to 4 lessons Kobudô and Karate as well, were scheduled for each day. But Kaichô Tamayose Hidemi did not need to do everything on his own due to the assistance by the technical director of Tesshinkan Europe, Frank Pelny (5th Dan Karate, 4th Dan Kobudô), Hagen Walter (2nd Dan Kobudô, 2nd Dan Karate) and Pierre Lorenz (2nd Dan Kobudô). The scheduled training sessions offered the possibility to train almost all of our weapons, i.e. Bô, Tekkô, Nunchaku, Sai, Tinbê & Rôchin and Êku.
The evening of the third day, Saturday, was concluded by the Tesshinkan Europe Cup offering three categories: Kata Students, Kata Masters, Kumite Team. -> Results of the Europe Cup 2012
The last day of this seminar, Sunday, was marked by another couple of highlights. Early in the morning 10 budôka applied for either their first or next DAN grade. Thereupon, around noon, some of the students took the challenge to have themselves examined as well. Happily we can announce that everyone applying was able to fulfill what was required. These are the results of the DAN tests:
* 4th DAN: Sebastian Edelmann (Halle / GER)
* 3rd DAN: Hagen Walter (Jena / GER)
* 2nd DAN: Stefanie Grezeja (Erfurt / GER)
* 2nd DAN: Doreen Schilling (Nordhausen / GER)
* 2nd DAN: Viktor Vollmer (Nordhausen / GER)
* 2nd DAN: Wolfram Reichmuth (Jena / GER)
* 2nd DAN: David Dekreon (Friedberg / GER)
* 1st DAN: Tobias Völz (Nordhausen / GER)
After the passing of the Kobudô DAN tests, DAN tests in Ryûkyû Shôrin-Ryû Karate-Dô Tesshinkan were held. Both examinees, Klaus Hummel and Andrea Bernhardt, passed as well.

Every evening the participants met in a cosy party at the Dôjô of the Karate-Do-Kwai Nordhausen, which put a lot of effort into comforting and hosting their guest as well as possible. A student of the Wetzlar Dôjô studied something quite unusuall as well, but he, who is a magician, managed to impress and entertain all of us certainly well.
The Tesshinkan Europe would like to thank Sensei Tamayose cordially for awesome event and also Frank Pelny and his team for their excellent organising job.
But we will meet again - the dates have already been settled: 25th-28th of July 2013 in Nordhausen :)