5th International seminar in Tomsk (RUS)
21th - 25th October 2011

From October 21st to 25th the Gôjû-Ryû federation of Tomsk organized an international seminar - once again.
All 75 participants coming from seven different cities from Russia and the Ukraine had the opportunity to enjoy and attend another perfectly-organized seminar by organizer Vyacheslav Rogozin Sensei.
Instructor Frank Pelny, representative of Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan Kyô Kai Europe and president of SaCO - Self defense and close combat organization, succeeded in enthusing and inspiring the participants with a lot of interesting exercises, technical details and background information.
Within the course of 11 lessons both Ryûkyû Kobudo Tesshinkan (BÔ, TEKKÔ, NUNCHAKU, SAI) and SaCO-self defense were taught.
To make things complete there were another two highlights making this seminar special:
* the 5th Siberia Cup of Tesshinkan took place as well
* as 38 successful examinations (32x Kobudô, 6x SaCO).
Both events demonstrated the participants increased level of skills.
We have to thank everyone who attended this seminar and took a long journey likewise, and especially Sensei Rogozin and his team.