Okinawa summer-training 2011

From July 12th to 21st a small delegation from Germany was hosted by Tamayose Sensei in Okinawa. Frank Pelny and Doreen Schilling, both from Nordhausen, were offered the chance to be trained intensively and directly by him. The daily BO-NO-KIHON training as well as the improvements on details of higher ranks’ KATA (up to GO-DAN KATA) were part of the training. A very special highlight the Sensei offered both – training on the beach at night, just like 200 years ago, when Kobudo had been trained secretly.
Aside from that, Frank Pelny got the chance to have his manuscript of the second Tesshinkan-book corrected by Tamayose Sensei.
As a very useful aid, Katrin Krahmer from Jena provided a lot of translations and thus maintained an important of the success of their stay.
Even though there was a load of training, there was still time to swim in the Pacific Ocean and to do some sightseeing and shopping. Apart from teaching Tamayose Sensei was an excellent host as well: this year the delegation was taken to Cape HEDO being the northern most point of Okinawa.
Doubtlessly the highlight of the journey to Okinawa was the examination to the 4th DAN of Frank Pelny in the HONBU-DOJO of the TESSHINKAN. Being evaluated with a 7.22, he surely did great.
We have to thank Tamayose Sensei and his family. Their hospitality is just boundless.