First Open Ryűkyű Kobudô seminar in Moscow

At the end of March-2011 Pavel Dolgachov of Kaliningrad (Russia) traveled to capital of Russia. He was invited there to provide few training classes by Denis Kataev, local martial arts instructor.
10 persons from different karate and taekwondo organizations took partin First open Moscow Ryukyu Kobudo Tesshinkan seminar. Between them was, for example, famous karateka Evgeny Rybin. Evgeny is winner and medalist of the long list of prestigious competitions. Now he continues to compete and tries to spread in Russia and Ukraine okinawan karate style Uechi-ryu.
During seminar basics were practised together - Bo-no-kihon, Tekko-no-Kihon and Nunchaku-no-Kihon. Also were demonstrated few kata by Pavel Dolgachov.
Participants decided to continue training in Ryukyu Kobudo, they can meet together on the next Tesshinkan Kobudo seminar soon.