The 2nd international RYÛKYÛ KOBUDÔ-seminar in Belorussia

Despite the snow, ice, rain, wind and mist, 90 kobudo-enthusiasts found the way to the Belorussian capital Minsk, where they were offered to take part in an intense four-day-course in Ryûkyû Kobudô with the technical director of Tesshinkan in Europe, Frank Pelny. Among the participants were sportsmen from four different nations: Belorussia, Ukraine, Germany and various parts of the Russian Federation.
The organising team around Sergey and Igor Mirutenko, who officialy represent the Tesshinkan in Belorussia, had to run a lot of business in order to prepare everything. Once again everything worked out perfectly and the seminar organisation pleased all participants entirely. Therefore we thank them honestly for their hard work.
All in all there were 9 lessons with BÔ, NUNCHAKU, SAI and TUNFA: for children and youths, for adults and particular lessons for instructors. Sensei Pelny succeeded in catching the participants' attention with many interesting training methods.
The last highlight of the seminar was the examination of thirteen students willing to achieve a KYU-grade. Eight of them received a diploma certifying their yellow belt, two the orange and three the blue one.
To put things in a nutshell: Another perfectly-organised seminar of a high quality stating that Minsk is one of the most important centres of RYÛKYÛ KOBUDÔ in Europe.