Tesshinkan Europe-Gasshuku 2011
* 7 days of joint training *

During the period from August 6th until 12th the Karate-Club from Nordhausen had the opportunity to house a very spezial and unique guest - Tamayose Hidemi (9th Dan Kobudô), the head of the Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan Kyô Kai.

More than 40 participants from all over Germany, from Kaliningrad (Russia) and from Minsk (Belorussia) gathered to the town in the south of the Harz Mountains in order to directly learn from our grandmaster and there were a lot of things to be learnt. Aside from Kobudô lessons Karate lessons about Shôrin-Ryû were also scheduled. Kaichô Tamayose was aided and assisted by the technical director of Tesshinkan-Europe, Frank Pelny (5th Dan Karate, 4th Dan Kobudô), and Hagen Walter (2nd Dan Karate, 2nd Dan Kobudô).

There were three lessons each day covering all weapons from Bô up to Sai for the student grades and additionally lessons in Tunfa and Tinbê for the higher-ranked ones. Furthermore Sensei Tamayose used one lesson to prepare us for Bô-Shiai being a part of the next World Tournament in Okinawa.

A first highlight was given by the European Tesshinkan-Cup held on Tuesday. Our judges were international as well: Frank Pelny and Mathias Junkherr (2nd Dan Kobudô, 2nd Dan Karate) and Sergey Mirutenko (7th Dan Karate, 2nd Dan Kobudô) from Minsk. The competitors also came from all participating nations. After some suspenseful rounds of powerful and impressive kata-demonstrations and accurate kumite the winners were finally determined:
1st David Hornig (Jena / GER)
2nd Roman Ragimow (Kaliningrad / RUS)
3rd Andre Krause (Nordhausen / GER)
1st Igor Mirutenko (Minsk / BLR)
2nd Hagen Walter (Jena / GER)
3rd Pawel Dolgatschow (Kaliningrad / RUS)
1st Nordhausen (GER)
2nd Kaliningrad (RUS)

On Friday morning the second highlight took place. Viewed by the critical eyes of examiner Tamayose Hidemi aided by Frank Pelny and Joachim Pabst (4th Dan Karate, 3rd Dan Kobudô) the testants did their very best.
3rd DAN:   Andrea Bernhardt (Wetzlar / GER)
2nd DAN:   Sergej Mirutenko und Igor Mirutenko (Minsk / BLR), Pawel Dolgatschow (Kaliningrad / RUS)
1st DAN:   Andre Krause (Nordhausen / GER), Roman Ragimow (Kaliningrad / RUS)
Right after Kobudô the Ryûkyû Shôrin-Ryû Karate-Dô Tesshinkan examinations also led by Tamayose Hidemi took place. Both testants, Hagen Walter and Joachim Pabst, passed with very good performances.

This week was a lot of training on one hand, but on the other hand also a meeting of friends. Another important guest to mention was Thomas Podzelny of the Ryûkyû Kobudô Shinbukan, with which the Tesshinkan cultivates friendly relations. What works in Okinawa, works here as well.

Aside from loads of training all participants met in the dojo every evening to relax, talk and party. Frank also organized some sightseeing events in and around the Harz mountains for our foreign guest.
The Tesshinkan-Europe would like to thank Tamayose Sensei sincerely for this beautiful and exerting seminar, Frank Pelny for his great organizing skills and Katrin Krahmer for her enduring and permanent work as a translator.

Domo arigato gozaimasu!