4th RYÛKYÛ KOBUDÔ TESSHINKAN seminar in Tomsk (Russia)
15th - 19th October 2010

55 participants from five different cities and seven dojos of Siberia met for a joint training for the now fourth time.
The organiser, Vyacheslav Rogozin Sensei, president of the Goju-Ryu federation of the Tomsk region, set up an extensive schedule: Self defence, kobudo training including Bo, Tekko, Nunchaku and Sai, examinations in both Kobudo and self defence, TV interviews, video recording, the opening of a new dojo and last but not least the 3rd Siberian Cup in Kobudo Tesshinkan.
Once again the technical director of Tesshinkan Europe could be enlisted as supervisor of this seminar. Frank Pelny Sensei had travelled the long distance from Germany to Siberia and could inspire so many people once more.
This year's Siberian Cup was the third one by now and thirty-three sportsmen participated. Aside form competitions in Kata between male children and adults and a female Kata group there was also a Kumite category. The participants of the last category showed creative and spectacular scenes of the Bo-no-Kihon.
Twenty-one kyû-examinations in Kobudo were passed successfully and fort he first time to brown belts were awarded. Self defence examination took place as well and three candidates passed, thus a new era in the region of Tomsk began.
As a result of the enthusiastic participation and perfect organisation there will be a sequel next year of course.