Tesshinkan Summer-Gasshuku 2010

38° Celsius in the shade … the sweat flows and flows … three pints per training are the regular amount of water … Tamayose Sensei calmly as usually gives orders. Is this a report about training on Okinawa? No, it is not, but about the 2010 summer camp in the Czech town Klatovy from 10th to 16th of July.

The sun overdid its friendliness towards us. The temperature never sank below 30°C during day time. Nevertheless Kobudô-enthusiats from six nations gathered together in Klatovy to be taught and corrected by Tamayose Sensei himself for one whole week: Ekatarina Sidorova (Kaliningrad, Russia), Sergei and Igor Mirutenko (Minsk, Belarus), Jerzy Sokolinski (Poland) and Vladimir Matjushko from Estonia, the German Students around Frank Pelny – and even a Canadian guest attended this seminar: the twelve-year-old Marc-Anthony Roznowski, a student of Sensei Donald Shapland. To be exact this gasshuku was not a European one, but even international.

The training as usually took place twice a day. Only the Tuesday was not dominated by training, since the European Cup took place in the morning and the afternoon was left at everyone’s own disposal. This year’s European Cup only consisted of kyû-grades competing for trophies. The results of the Kata competition were Viktor Vollmer (1st Place), Doreen Schilling (2nd Place) and Jerzy Sokolowski (3rd Place). In the yakusoku kumite category, offered for the first time, the team Krause/Völz prevailed over Schilling/Vollmer.

Of course there was also space for the more comfortable activities. It was our Sensei Tamayoses 61st birthday on Wednesday. The present given by his European students was a small wooden barrell bearing congratulations as engravings. A dinner had been organized that evening to celebrate this event. On Thursday evening a sayonara party took place. On this occurrence Tamayose proved being more than martial arts master – a magician entertaining us with various tricks utilizing laces. Maybe it will become a new weapon category.

The final highlight were the dan testings on Friday morning. We can announce that the following ones have achieved a first or new black belt: Pierre Lorenz (2nd Dan), Klaus Oblinger (2nd Dan), Doreen Schilling (1st Dan), Ekatherina Sidorova (1st Dan), Viktor Vollmer (1st Dan) and Vladimir Matjushko (1st Dan).
Looking back this meeting once again was very successful for us, the European Tesshinkan students. Having a look into the future we can tell that the next summer camp will take place in Nordhausen, Germany, in 2011. Since this place is located more central, it can be assured that more students are given the opportunity to train with their head of style directly.