10 years of Tesshinkan Spring-Camp in Chiliwack/ Canada

Canada is not just famous for its rough beauty, but its inhabitants are especially warm, and , that is not unimportant, there is quite a bunch of Tesshinkan-Djs.

Since Donald Shapland Sensei has moved his domicile to Canada again, he has organized an annual Tesshinkan-Spring-Seminar. After the first participation of a small German delegation consisting of Stefanie Grzeja and Frank Pelny in 2009, the representative of Tesshinkan Europe has travelled there again this year attending this utterly interesting seminar. Frank stayed there for almost one week during April 2010. During the first days he has been given an accommodation by Eileen Hanuse and Rainer Todsen in their house in Qualicum beach on Vancouver Island. They passed two days of training in Rainers house dj directly located at the beach. Apart from Karate and Tesshinkan basics the SAI-UKE-KUMITE and B-KATA YONEGAWA-NO-KUN were practised. Additionallly Eileen and Rainer showed Frank some of the local sights, e.g. giant tree which are older than 800 years.

Using a ferry and Holly Molgaard-Tuttles Hummer-Jeep Frank travelled to Chiliwack, which is about one hour of driving north-west of Vancouver. The tenth Tesshinkan-Spring-Camp took place there from Friday evening until Sunday noon. More than 30 participants from Canada, the USA and Germany joined the demanding training given by Shapland Sensei. Apart from well-known comrades from Florida, Chiliwack or Vancouver Island like Dawn Lasher, Dave Seltser, Holly Molgaard-Tuttle, Rainer Todsen, Eileen Hanuse, Mac Newton a.s.o. a lot of new faces could be seen there. Within a very friendly and warm atmosphere everyone trained B-NO-KIHON, KATA with B, SAI, TEKK, NUNCHAKU, TUNFA and some sparring exercises. In the evening Shapland Sensei invited the participants to his house dj the purpose a MONDO an educational and teaching conversation. Being in a good and relaxed mood things about Karate, Kobud and everything else were discussed and philosophized about. All in all this seminar was once again very interesting and a meeting of friends. We dedicate an honest THANK YOU to Don Shapland Sensei.