3rd Tesshinkan-Seminar in Tomsk (Siberia / Russia)

For the third time the Tomsk Goju-Ryu-Federation, represented by Wyacheslav Rogozin, could invite the Tesshinkan-Instructor for Europe, Frank Pelny Sensei. From the 16th October until the 18th October he held a seminar.

63 participants from 8 different dojo and 5 cities trained intensively the details of Bo-, Tekko- and Nunchaku-no-Kihon, of the Kata Shushi-no-Kun (Sho) and its application and meaning.

On Sunday morning 25 sportsmen and -women took part in the KYU-degree examinations. 22 of them passed that test with good results.

On Sunday afternoon another highlight, held by the Goju-Ryu-Federation of Tomsk, took place: the 2nd Siberia Cup in Kobudo. 35 people started in the categories KATA and YAKUSOKU-KUMITE with B in order to receive a medall. Being very excited, even the youngest ones competed and demonstrated respectable performances. Afterwards the instructors with Rogozin Sensei got intensive, private lessons lasting three days. Apart from repetitions of the seminar's topics the B-KATA SAKUGAWA-NO-KUN (SH) and the basic techniques of SAI were taught. After one straining week full of training Pelny Sensei left for his home on the 22nd October, being invited to the 4th Tesshinkan-seminar in Tomsk from 14th until 21st October 2010.