Tesshinkan Europe meets Tesshinkan America

Don Shapland Sensei had invited to the 7th Tesshinkan Spring Gasshuku in Chilliwack (Vancouver/Canada), lasting from 3rd until 5th April in 2009. Nearly 30 participants having arrived from Canada and the USA took part in that event and even two members of the European Tesshinkan-section Frank Pelny, technical director of Tesshinkan Kykai Europe, and Stefanie Grzeja, secretary of the Kobud Kwai Germany, left for Canada from 2nd till 7th April. During their 10 hours lasting flight from Frankfurt to Vancouver they sat in one plane together with the in Germany well-known wheather-man Jrgen Kachelmann.

Shapland Sensei himself welcomed and picked them up at the airport and took them to his house and dj in Chilliwack, where both of them were allowed to stay. In this respect we want to thank Shapland Sensei, his wife Nori and his children for the warm-hearted welcoming and the perfect hospitality. At Friday noon the seminar began and was finished at Sunday noon. Shapland Sensei had prepared a large training schedule. Despite this he made it possible for Frank Pelny to demonstrate and teach elements of the examining programme of Tesshinkan Kykai Europe. Especially the bunkai of B-no-kihon (numbers 3,4,5,7,9 and 10) and the Nunchaku-no-kihon were taught and accepted by the other participants with enthusiasm. As a countermove the two Germans were able to learn a B-tai-B-kumite consisting of 18 movements.

A vivid exchange did not only happened during training. All participants, no matter whether they were Canadians, US-Americans or Germans, communicated in an extraordinarily friendly atmosphere. You could easily notice there were people having the same moral concepts and aims meeting. According to this saying good-bye was not that easy, but having the World Tournament in August in prospect made it bearable. Thank you again fort lots of useful lessons, interesting discussions and a super preparation and organization. We look forward to seeing again soon.