29th March 2009
Tesshinkan Training, Competition and lots of sweat
a great and exhausting seminar in Halle (Saale) 29.03.2009

Having woken up very early, all participants arrived in Halle on 29th March 2009, where the Kobud-seminar started at 9 oclock in the morning. This would have been no problem, if the shift from winter time to summer time had not happened. Thus everyone lost one hour of sleep. A lot of them were still exhausted by the Karate-training of Saturday, but schedule was as full as the former day. On we plow!

Traditionally the seminar was opened by the popular B-no-Kihon, nevertheless Frank was able to give relief to the starting lesson with some small, but new variations in B-tai-B-Yakusoku-Kumite. It did not take much time to have even the last one woken up woken up, the bunch of Budka demonstrated best results. Thereafter all this concentration an effort was to be kept in the second lesson, which consisted of teaching the Tawata-no-Sai in a methodically very good way. A quite beautiful (but long) kata, which is important for our black-belts, since this kata is a part of the examination for the 4th degree black belt. But even the participants of the Okinawan world tournament taking placing this summer were excited they got something new to integrate in their repertoire. The last lesson was used in order to teach how to apply the learnt techniques to a fight. The knowledge about the B-tai-Sai-Yakusoku-Kumite was deepened and increased by the adding of a B-tai-Tunfa-Yakusoku-Kumite. That is an amazing method to stabilize the already known things and to train the variable disposal of the B-, Sai- and Tunfa-techniques.

Thereafter the Head of Tesshinkan in Europe (Frank Pelny, 3rd Dan) invited to the first style-assembly of Tesshinkan together with the president of the Kobudo Kwai Germany (Sebastian Edelmann, 3rd Dan). During the meeting the rules of style for Tesshinkan were passed, the German Head of Tesshinkan was confirmed and the most important information about our style and its activities (Worldchampionship in Okinawa in summer) was discussed.

The last highlight of that days schedule was the third Saxony-Anhalt-Tesshinkan-Cup. Participants coming from four different federal states took part in this competition exclusively held for ky-grades. For the first time all competitors had to show their training progress in front of the eyes of five judges. Doreen Schilling (KDK Nordhausen) prevailed over the female pool, whereas Viktor Vollmer (KDK Nordhausen) successfully prevailed against all men.

Frank Pelny 3rd Dan Tesshinkan, 5th Dan Karate
Sebastian Edelmann 3rd Dan Tesshinkan, 3rd Dan Karate
Matthias Junkherr 2nd Dan Tesshinkan, 1st Dan Karate
Hagen Walter 1st Dan Tesshinkan, 1st Dan Karate
Pierre Lorenz 1st Dan Tesshinkan

result 3. Tesshinkan Sachsen-Anhalt-Cup