The participants

At the moment more and more Karateka realize Kobudô being a useful addition to their Karate training, for both arts have been developing together and influenced each other for centuries.

There are regularly Kobudô seminars especially given for Karateka in Berlin, Hessia and Bavaria. From September in 2008 until February in 2009 such a seminar, held by two A-trainers (the highest level of a trainer’s license in Germany) – Frank Pelny (5th Dan Karate, 3rd Dan Kobudô) and Sebastian Edelmann (3rd Karate and Kobudô) took place in Nordhausen. They were able to welcome and teach encouraged students from Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony. The aim of this course was to introduce engaged Karateka to the so-called “Weapon Karate” and to let them have a closer look at the Okinawan martial arts theory and practise.

On not less than six Sundays 16 participants have sweated in Nordhausen practicing long staff (Bô), metall trident (Sai), wooden mill handles (Tunfa) and further traditional weapons of Kobudô. Every meeting was opened by theoretical lesson dealing with the origin, the structure and particularities of handling of each weapon. The first lesson has always been followed by practical ones – basic techniques, the first Kata and some well-chosen sparring exercises during Kumite.

The last date was used to repeat everything learnt. Furthermore there was the chance to do a Kyû-examination in Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan. All in all four examinees passed their grading-tests successfully and are now allowed to wear a yellow belt, even one was able to pass the red belt (equal to blue belt). Having got a diploma they have been registered in Okinawa.

Before taking the compulsory photo of the end of the seminar, all participants got a seminar certificate. For the echo of this first, compressed introduction to Ryûkyû Kobudô was a pretty good one and new requests have already been made, it has been decided to organize a second seminar series in 2009/2010. Information about the new event (announcement) can be found on the KVSA-homepage (dates) or you ask Frank Pelny or Sebastian Edelmann directly.