After having been preparing the seminar for one year, Vyatsheslav Rogotsin of the Siberian Kobud Federation was able to invite the Technical Director of Tesshinkan for Europe, Frank Pelny, to Tomsk for the second time. Forty-four martial-artists coming from nine different djs did not want to miss the possibility to learn historically verified high-class Ryky Kobud by a qualified and experienced source. These participants came from Nowosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Biesk, Kisil, Anyero-Sudyensk and of course from Tomsk. All in all they spent ten hours of training in two different groups. The main topic of the seminar were the details of the B-techniques of B-NO-KIHON and of the kata SHUSHI-NO-KUN (SH) and the handling of TEKK (TEKK-NO-KIHON, MAEZAT-NO-KIHON)

In order to create a relaxed mood the seminar was begun and ended by a self-defense lesson. Apart from defending against choking attacks the use of tools like umbrella or belt was shown and trained. The participants liked it very much.

On Friday evening even a filming crew of the local TV-station was there, too, and filmed some parts of the training and the demonstration given by Sensei Pelny. This several minutes-lasting documentation was even broadcast on the same evening during the news and was well received.

Within the seminar the dj-leader being there held a council about the further development of Kobud and its perspectives in Siberia. They decided to follow the chosen path of spreading Kobud in Siberia.

On Sunday morning 25 ky-examinations were done and 23 martial-artists were even able to pass successfully. Besides Vyatsheslav Rogotsin, Georgie Glukkhov and Alexander Esipov became the first one in Siberia to achieve the 3rd ky (green belt) in Kobud.

On Sunday noon Rogotsin Sensei organized the first Siberian Kobud Cup. Twenty-two participants from three cities (Tomsk, Novosibirsk and Anyero-Sudyensk) competed in four categories: kata female, kata male (both as adults), kata children and kumite. The kumite was performed as a yakusoku-kumite by a team consisting of two persons showing the Bunkai of B-NO-KIHON number 3, 5, 5, 7, 9 and 10 while moving circularly. All competitors were excited and enthusiastic about this event. The desired medals became property of the following:

Kata female - Anastasia Kozlova (Tomsk),
Kata male - Alexander Esipov (Tomsk),
Kata children - Grigorie Aksinenko (Tomsk),
Kumite - Team Alexander Esipov & Igor Nerobov (Tomsk).

At the end of the seminar, when most of the participants had already left the dj, Sensei Pelny gave a special lesson for the instructors and taught them the most important details of B-kata SHSHI-NO-KUN (SH) and of the BUNKAI of the B-NO-KIHON.

In order to tell everything completely some anecdotes having happened and sticking in everybodys mind shall be mentioned, e.g. a umbrella broken during a self-defence demonstration for the TV, the almost put out eye during the kumite-competition or the unwanted contact with the Russian police, which fortunately was not ended by a full-contact fight.

All in all the organizer Vyatsheslav Rogotsin is worth being praised for the professional organization. It was planned, that Sensei Pelny would give some seminars in several cities lasting an entire week at all in Siberia in October in 2009. Siberia - Kobud is coming!