Kobudō - Russland Cup 2008

The Russian Kobudo Cup was held in the city of Domodedovo near Moscow. The team of the Kaliningrad Kobudo Federation was represented by five sportsmen. Three of them participated in category «Kata. 18 years and older». One Kaliningrad kobudōka, Roman Ragimov, was 16 years old, and in 2007 he achieved the third place at the European Tesshinkan Cup (2007) as a junior. Another sportsman from Kaliningrad, Vadim Borunov, was also permitted to compete, despite of his youth — he is 17 years old, but in May this year he won Russian Youth Championship. The victory over 19 further sportsmen was taken by Pavel Dolgachov (32 y.o., 1st Dan Tesshinkan, European Tesshinkan Champion-2007), leader of the Kaliningrad Tesshinkan practitioners. It was the third victory in sequence on national level competitions. Pavel demonstrated Tsuken Sunakake-no Źku (kata with a paddle «Źku»), Sakugawa-no Kun Shō (staff «Bo») and Hama Higa-no Sai (tridents «Sai»). His student Vadim Borunov (1st Kyū of Ryukyu Kobudo Tesshinkan) achieved the second. After having done these competions Pavel should receive the degree «Master of Sports». Vadim Borunov got this title in the May.