On Sunday, January 13 in 2008, it was time again - time again for a Tesshinkan seminar. As usually the first seminar of the current year was the one in Jena. Exactly at 10 am the all 22 participants, having come from Nordhausen, Halle, Jena, Ilmenau and Konstanz (one of the most southern towns of Germany) were prepared and ready to practise Bo no Kihon, same procedure as every year. Thereafter various kinds of kumite were explained and trained. The second unit taught by Frank Pelny (Sandan) contained the kata Shushi no kun dai, a dan-kata examined for second degree black belt. The last lesson was used in order to impart some Nunchaku skills, of course with the use of substitutes (belt of a karate-gi, short ropes). Apart from Nunchaku no kihon, the kata Maezato no nunchaku was also practised a lot and after having divided the groups, the Akamine no nunchaku was also on schedule for the advanced ones. Three kobudoka were able to be examined, after the seminar had ended. The yellow belt (5th kyu) could be achieved twice and once the brown belt (1st kyu). All in all 13th of January was the great start of the Tesshinkan year 2008, thank you, Sensei Pelny. Seishinkai Jena and all the other participants are looking towards to taking part in the following seminars in Halle, Ballenstedt and of course Jena next year.