07th - 09th April 2007
Easterseminar in Kaliningrad

Participants of the seminar

Picture of the masters

Although Easter is an international festival, not every country has as many free days as Germany has. Nevertheless the president of Kaliningrad's Kobud Federation, Pavel Dolgachev, has offered the possibility to take part in a Tesshinkan-seminar lasting three days in Svetlogorsk next to the Baltic Sea.
Frank Pelny could be engaged as trainer, who gave 5 lessons on both Saturday and Sunday and 3 lessons on Monday.
The main topic of the seminar was the mediation of the Tesshinkan-Ky-programme and of the peculiarities of the Tesshinkan-style and its weapons. For the organization was strict and tight, there was enough time to train every weapon (B, TEKK, NUNCHAKU, SAI).
On Monday examination also took place. As result there are two new orange- (Alexander Mozorov, Roman Ragimov) and green-belted ones (Ruslan Klimash, Vasily Bradulin). A brown belt examination was also passed succesfully, the new 1st Ky is Vadim Borunov.
A special characteristic of these Tesshinkan-seminars in Kaliningrad, this has already been the third one, is participation of many high-ranked master comming from the region around Kaliningrad, Latvia and White Russia. Some shall be named instead of all:
* Sergei Mirutenko (6. Dan, President of Fudokan White Russia);
* Arnis Shaurinsh (4. Dan, President of the Goju-ry Karate Federation Latvia);
* Vitali Yemtsov (4. Dan, President of the Center for traditionell Karate in Kaliningrad);
* Vladimir lyoshin (2. Dan, Region of Kaliningrad, President of the Gwardeyets Karate Club);
* Yuri lychek (2. Dan, Region of Kaliningrad);
* Igor Raspopov (2. Dan, from Karateclub Sojus in the region of Kaliningrad).
This list lets us hope much good things for the future of Tesshinkan in some countries of the former Soviet Union.