in Tomsk (Russian Federation / Siberia)

The participants

Viatsheslav Rogozin from the Goju-ryu Karate federation of Tomsk and its region organized the first Siberian Tesshinkan-seminar from 20th until 22nd July 2007. All in all 25 participants from Tomsk and its surraounding region came in order to train Tesshinkan, two times two hours of training each day. In order to guide those who wanted to train Tesshinkan Frank Pelny, technical director of Tesshinkan in Europe, had travelled there. His journey to Tomsk lastet 20 hours.

The basics were taught in Sensei Rogozin's Dojo, which had been renovated only a short time ago, thus there were best conditions in order to practice BÔ-NO-KIHON, SHÛSHI-NO-KUN-SHÔ, BUNKAI, TEKKÔ-NO- KIHON, NUNCHAKU-NO-KIHON and SAI-NO-KIHON. Special lessons for instructors gave its programme a rounded and polished form. The participants trained very motivated, although the temperatures outside reached 30 Degree. The varied warm ups practiced by the group and Sensei Pelny, motivated additionally. The local TV also collected some impressions of this first Tesshinkan-seminar in Siberia. A short report about it shall be broadcast.

On Sunday the first Siberian martial artists took up the challenge of an examination. The following ones achieved 4th Kyû: Viatsheslav Rogozin, Vitaly Lee, Alexander Esipov, Viatsheslav Polivany and Georgi Gluckov. We all congratulate you. By handing over the Kyû-diploma and certificates of participation the seminar was ended. Besides Sensei Pelny gave a photograph with a dedication to Sensei Rogozin, who is going to place it at a special place in his Dôjô. But Sensei Pelny also received something, a farewell-gift: a book about Tomsk.

The seminar was evaluated as great success by every participant and therefore this seminar will not be the last one. It was arranged to organize Tesshinkan-seminars in Tomsk in October yearly. Sensei Pelny also agreed to teach at these courses. All in all the Tesshinkan Kyôkai holds teaches two times a year at a seminar in Russia: in Kaliningrad in spring and in Tomsk in autumn. The development of Tesshinkan seems to be a very good one.


warm up






Sensei Rogozin & Sensei Pelny

Foto Pelny