European Seminar 2007 and 3rd Tesshinkan Europe-Cup
in Meiningen / Germany

The participants after the first day`s training

The main date of the seminar given by Tamayose-sensei in Meiningen was the 9th and 10th June in 2007. The organizator, the Martial Arts Centre Universum Meiningen e.V., especially Thomas Reiter, his crew and the sponsor Frank Herrmann, did a great job. An amazing sport facility supported a generally comfortable atmosphere.
Totally 33 participants from Germany and the Russian Federation found the way to Meiningen. The first lesson was filled - same procedure as every time, with BÔ-NO-KIHON. Thereafter different groups were trained in TEKKÔ by Sensei Tamayose and by Frank Pelny and Hagen Walter in SAI.
Sensei Tamayose cheered everyone not only by his technique, but also by giving loads of autographs and being taken on photos.
In the evening hours the third Europe-Cup took place. All in all 17 KOBUDÔKA took part in the competition in three categories. The referees were Frank Pelny, Sebastian Edelmann and Joachim Pabst ( they all are NIDAN). But Tamayose-sensei watched this happening carefully, too. Entering "Platzierungsliste", the list of results can be read.
A barbecue helped to fight the hunger developed by the training properly at night. Thanks to our cook Frank Herrmann, who fulfilled the task to feed all the "half-starved" Tesshinkan-members. The accomodation in the youth hostel made possible by Thomas Reiter was great and cheap. Thank you!
The next day's first training unit was given by Hagen Walter and Mathias Junkherr (both SHÔDAN) and contained the BÔ-NO-KIHON. At the same time Pavel Dolgachov from Kaliningrad, Russia, passed the SHÔDAN-examination held by Tamayose-sensei very well. The HONBU-KAI-trainer of Tesshinkan in Europe, Frank Pelny, also passed the SANDAN-examination very well. Congratulations!!
In the second training unit Sensei Tamayose repeated the BÔ-NO-KIHON and the kata MAEZATO-NO-TEKKÔ refering to many details. Simultaneously Frank Pelny held the KYÛ-examinations at the other gym. All in all the 5th KYÛ could be reached twice (Sarah and Ramona Risch), the fourth and third ones just once (Martin Gehlert and Roman Ragimov).
The ending of the seminar was also something great - and that was the handing over of the DAN-diploma to our new black belts as well as the obligatory photo-shooting. Everyone agreed in saying this was a great seminar! Thank you very much, Tamayose-sensei!!



Warming up





the certificates of participation


Tamayose Sensei

Stefanie Grzeja doing a BÔ-KATA

awarding the winners



Pavel Dolgachov -> 1. DAN

Frank Pelny -> 3. DAN

photo of the group