Tesshinkan appears in Krym (Ukraine)

At the end of November and beginning of December 2007 Pavel Dolgachov (1 Dan Tesshinakn from Kaliningrad, Russia) visited Autonomy republic Krym (the part of Ukraine). He was invited buy two local clubs - Traditional martial arts club Metod (Feodosia city) and Municipal sport/health club Jinsei (Simferopol city). 30 of November was a first part of seminar and it was held in Feodosia - famous place where Aivazovskiy, talented artist lived and worked. Second part was held 1-2 December in Simferopol, capital of Krym region. And Konstantin Deryagin, another participant came to Simferopol from third city - Sevastopol. Training session were friendly, but in traditional discipline manner.

Program covered Tesshinkan bo-jutsu - 10 Bo-no kihon patterns, kumi-bo for each kihon. Participants also studied Shushi-no kon (sho) kata with bunkai. There were also some interesting exercises dedicated mastering the long stick. All participants were members of Fudokan (branch of Shotokan style of karate) and have good base for learning weapons techniques. Seminar had success - people tried their best to get skill in weaponry. Leadership of this group (Yuri Kovalenko from Simferopol, 3 Dan Shotokan; Nikolai Chaganov from Feodosia, 1 Dan Shotokan) planned to continue studying and invite a European Hombu-kai instructor Frank Pelny (3 Dan, Germany) for more detailed trainings and examination in 2008.