TESSHINKAN-seminar in Halle
& 2nd Saxe-Anhalt Tesshinkan Cup

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Although Novemer 11th is known as the beginning of carnival, about 30 Kobud-ka met and filled up a gym in Halle that weekend. Why? Because there was a special seminar given by Frank Pelny and organized by Sebastian Edelmann (Jitoku-D Halle e.V.)

Once again the Tesshinkan-honbu-kai-trainer of Europe offered a very interesting programme. Aside from the basics of b-techniques the handling of sai was trained intensively, besides the flipping of sai and sai-kaiten were real challenges. Continually the sai-no-kihon and the first sai-kata of Tesshinkan-style (Chikin/Tsuken-Shitahaku-no-sai) became our tasks.

The highlights of that seminar were the b-tai-sai-yakusoku-kumites. Under the guidance of Pelny and Edelmann basical movements of dodging, jumping and fighting were taught. The details and strategic things were explained particularly.

Almost half the participants took part in the second Saxe-Anhalt-Tesshinkan-Cup, too, facing challenges like progress of the techniques and testing the strength of their nerves. Only student-grades, ky-grades, were allowed to compete with each other while judged by a strict jury consisting of Tesshinkan-dan-grades, masters. These well-prepared competitors did not show their ignorance and let the competition be thrilling until its end. he decisions were not easy all the time, nevertheless the experienced judges Pelny, Edelmann, Junkherr managed their job very well.

Two things have to be mentioned particularly: the participants great commitment and a technically self-assured behaviour. The results themselves can be found here: List of results

Despite of having taken part in an intensive course thereafter some athletes having still enough power faced their examinations. They all showed a strong will and intention and a great condition (even in a fighting circle). Everybody passed his examination well and cum laude examinatorum. Finally after 8 hours of endless sweating, fighting, jumping, sai-flipping, competing, being examined and of course b-no-kihon the end of great day came nearer and nearer. At about 5:30 pm everybody left and returned home.