14th-15th of October 2006
2nd Tesshinkan Seminar in Kaliningrad / RUS

Sensei Pavel Dolgachev, president of the KOBUD federation of Kaliningrad, organized the second RYKY KOBUD TESSHINKAN seminar of Russia in Kaliningrad. No one less than the HONBU-KAI-Sensei of R.K. Tesshinkan in Europe, Sensei Frank Pelny gave the lessons.Trainers from various parts of Russia and abroad were there, so e.g.
* from Moscow (a distance of about 1000 km) Yuriy Shostak and Sergei Sarkisyants (both from Konno-juku-Karate)
* from Lipetsk (it is southeast of Moscow, and in order to drive there you need ca. 10 hours) Igor Kyzym (Shtkan-Karate, 1st DAN)
Even some people from Minsk, Belarus/ White Russia, joined the seminar.
Furthermore some high-ranked trainers of Kaliningrad did so, e.g. Vitaliy Yemtsov, 4th DAN Gj-ry-Karate).

Frank had a very exerting and informative programme with him once again. On both days B-NO-KIHON, SHSHI-NO-KUN (SH), TEKK-NO-KIHON, MAEZATO-NO-TEKK, NUNCHAKU-NO-KIHON, MAEZATO-NO-NUNCHAKU, AKAMINE-NO-NUNCHAKU and of course much bunkai had been being practised for about 5 hours each day. Using coordinative warm-ups he also could make the feel enthusiastic about the training.

The paticipants were very enthusiastic about the quality of the seminar, what they expressed in sermons with Sensei Pelny, thus it seems, that there is a future for TESSHINKAN in Russia.

At the official end of these two days everyone got a certificate for having taken part.

On Monday Sensei Dolgachev had a private training with Frank and one of his students, Vasiliy Bradulin, achieved the 4th KY of TESSHINKAN. He was very glad about having passed the examination.

Thank you very much, Sensei Dolgachev, for having the organizer. You did a good job. The next date has already been planned:
Dasvidanja Kaliningrad in April 2007!


group foto

Test passed!