29.04. - 01.05.2006
Tamayose Hanshi at the karate and kobud seminar in Hammelburg/Germany and
the second European Tesshinkan kata tournament

The only seminar given sensei Tamayose took place in Hammelburg Germany from 29th of April until 1st of May.
The seminar began on Saturday in the morning, when Frank Pelny (4th Dan Shotokan Karate) and Sebastian Edelmann (2nd Dan Shotokan Karate) gave two lessons for both white until green belt group and the blue until black belt group. The main emphasis was put on the katas HEIAN YONDAN and KANKU SH. The karate parts have been completed with one lesson of kumite by Joachim Pabst (3rd Dan Shotokan Karate) in the afternoon.
Parallely to Joachim Tamayose-sensei began teaching the RYKY KOBUD TESSHINKAN lessons. The main-trainer of Slovakia, Josef Obuch, and Tomas Kopecky, the TESSHINKAN's representant of the Czech Republic, arrived to take part.
On Sunday the second EUROPEAN TESSHINKAN KATA TOURNAMENT started. Every one tried to do a great job and our title holders, Mathias Junkherr from Nordhausen and Stefanie Grzeja from Jena, reached their places of the last year once again. For the first time there were also cups made of glass for the winners of this competition. For more information about the competition winners look at the competition reports.
Another winner of this seminar was truly Hagen Walter from Nordhausen. On Monday 1st of May after some hours of training his sh-dan-examination began and he passed. KY-examinations took place, too, and good results were shown, thus everyone passed and is allowed to wear a new belt.
All in all those three days have been very straining but also very harmonic. Tamayose-sensei had to answer loads of questions and he became a photographic modell.
Have good trip home, Sensei! We wish you a speedy recovery!
By the way thanks to Joachim Pabst and his team for the good planning and organization of this great event!

training by Tamayose Sensei

training in performance groups


Tamayose Sensei and kids

Tamayose Sensei and black belts

sleeping in the gym

tournament participents and Tamayose Sensei

B-KATA by Matthias Junkherr

B-KATA by Franziska Seidlitz