26th November 2006

This year some interested KOBUDKA found they way to Halle to take part in the annually-taking place TESSHINKAN seminar. As usually the participants, who all came from the middle of Germany (but there was even a Canadian: Sandie Benevides), had the chance to have great and varied but also straining lessons with Sensei Frank Pelny.
Main topics were the B-NO-KIHON, whose number 4 and 8 and their BUNKAI were taught intensively. Also KATA SHSHI-NO-KUN (SH) was a main subject again with its whole BUNKAI.

After the seminar there was a Tesshinkan-tournament called "SAXE-ANHALT-CUP" for the first time. It is also the first only-Tesshinkan-tournament in the newer part of Germany. The organizers were able to have these higher ranked kobudoka, Frank Pelny, Sebastian Edelmann and Mathias Junkherr (European Master 2005/2006), as jury.
The participants came from 5 djs and they gave their best. The rules were of course those of the KOBUD KWAI GERMANY and the category, which was able to be took part in, was KATA. To put things in a nutshell: The best djs were Seishinkai Jena and Jitoku-Do Halle. The male winner and vicemaster came from Jena (1st Mathias Schulze, 2nd Pierre Lorenz, 3rd Andre Krause) and the top of the women claimed Jitoku-Do Halle (1st Stefanie Grzeja, 2nd Michaela Herzog, 3rd Bonita Groe-Lohmann).

Thereafter examinations took place which gave 12 students the possibility to achieve a higher rank. Everyone could be happy about a well-passed examination, the examinators Frank Pely and Sebastian Edelmann did so as well.

The next important dates are 14th January 2007 in Jena and 25th March in Halle.

group foto