23rd July until 29th July 2005
Tesshinkan summercamp with Tamayose HANSHI in Klatovy/ CZ

More than 30 people came to this year's KKD summercamp. They came from 4 countries: Czech Republic, Russia, Germany and Great Britain (being exact 5 countries, for one of the GB-group was born in Canada). The lessons were given by Tamayose Sensei (9th DAN) once again.
Whereas the lessons of the weekend were given for those who wanted to be examinated, the remaining parts of the seminar were open for everyone.
After the first training on Saturday a little BUD GALA was held to honour SENSEI. The reason: 30 years of KOBUD training. Congratulations! Therefor many of the participants showed what they could to entertain the SENSEI and the audience. Our English friends demonstrated the KATA ENPI and its BUNKAI. Josef Obuch and Tomas Kopecky showed B-KUMITE. Frank Pelny as an "old man" let us know the effectiveness of a walking stick. Sebastian Edelmann and Joachim Pabst demstrated UNSU, Hagen Walter and Klaus Mller-Steidner a B-TAI-SAI KUMITE. Tamayose SENSEI seemed to be very touched by this happening.

The B-NO-KIHON was daily trained in order to become improved. SENSEI has always been very strict with the correct movements of each technique.
There had been a division of the group every afternoon since Monday. First Tamaysose SENSEI taught the high-ranked students, at this time a separate second training was given in another part of the gym, e.g. HANB-JITSU. Thereafter the second TESSHINKAN lesson followed given by Frank Pelny, the TESSHINKAN HONBU-KAI trainer of the KKD. The European KY-programme was stressed mainly.

A special highlight was the FIRST EUROPEAN TESSHINKAN KATA TOURNAMENT on Wednesday. 26 people started. Each already named country took part; GER, CZ, GB, RUS. The title went to Thuringia. For more information look at RECORD OF TOURNAMENTS!

The next highlight was the SHODAN examination of Matthias Junkherr (Nordhausen) and Andrea Bernhardt (Hattersheim). Both could pass that difficult test. Congratulations!
At the same time KY-grade examinations were done with the examinators Frank Pelny and Sebastian Edelmann. Two could pass the yellow belt and one the orange belt. They showed good results.

At the Friday's afternoon it was time to say good bye. But all the training and freetime activties which were done together thus new friendships were born did not make it easy.
Tamayose SENSEI, his wife and his son lived with Karsten Matzdorf in Berlin the following weekend. On the following Monday and Tuesday they have been with Frank Pelny in Thuringia. On Wednesday they flew back home.

Thank you very much, SENSEI Tamayose, for those informative and great hours. Have a good trip home!







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