21st Jan & 18th Feb 2006
RYKY KOBUD TESSHINKAN seminars in Czech republic

On Saturday, 18th February, the second TESSHINKAN seminar took place in Havlickuv Brod. It was given by Sensei Tomas Kopecky (1st Dan), a direct student of KAICH and HANSHI Tamayose Hidemi (9th Dan) from Okinawa. That seminar was the second part of the one from the 21st January in Havlickuv Brod.
The interested participants were mainly beginners, thus Tomas began to teach the basics like MOCHI-WAZA (the grips), MOCHIKAE-WAZA (swapping the grips), TACHI-WAZA (the stances)and some basic principles. After having taught the basics a real TESSHINKAN seminar started, as usually with B-NO-KIHON, continuing with some KUMI-B. After having passed this the first KATA, SHSHI-NO-KUN (SH) was practised.
The second one in H.B. also included B-NO-KIHON, but it became completed with some basics of the TEKK, including the TEKK-NO-KIHON.
For KOBUD ist not spread very wide, these seminar are going to be continued, thus real RYKY KOBUD TESSHINKAN can spread all over the Czech Republic.