27th Nov 2005

On the last weekend a TESSHINKAN seminar took place in Halle, where it becomes almost a tradition. The JITOKU-DO Halle e.V.-Team tried as hard as they could to make comfortable trappings.
On the whole Saturday ShTKAN KARATE was practised with Sensei Frank Pelny (4th DAN) teaching more than 40 karateka who came from all over Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt. Frank explained the ENPI and many details, whereas Sebastian Edelmann (2nd DAN) supported him by teaching the beginners.
Although no one usually likes to get up early on Sundays, many people practised Sai with Frank on the following Sunday, before the KOBUD part started officially. The 30 participants cam from various dojos like Meiningen, Jena, Halle, Wernigerode, Leipzig and Stafurt, although this day was a holiday, the First Advent. Having trained the B-NO-KIHON and its BUNKAI SAKUGAWA-NO-KUN (SH) was practised intensively. The already taught BUNKAI helped in order to understand all the KATA movements and their meanings. The day's last topic was NUNCHAKU, since it is forbidden, the kobud-ka used very different NUNCHAKU replacements. With these weapons NUNCHAKU-NO-KIHON and MAEZATO-NO-NUNCHAKU were taught and there was no one who was not able to keep the order of movements in mind.
After the lessons some were able to do examinations. Three 5th and 4th Ky Tesshinkan, one 4th and 1st Ky Gendai. Congratulations.

group foto

Frank Pelny

Sebastian Edelmann

ready for KATA