2nd April 2005
Tesshinkan intensive in Hattersheim


KKD's TESSHINKAN HONBU-KAI trainer Frank Pelny, from Nordhausen (Thuringia), was invited by the Karate-Club-Hattersheim 1977 e.V. to give a TESSHINKAN seminar.

Of course Frank began with practising B‘-NO-KIHON and it was sweetened by many KUMI-B‘ and BUNKAI in order to show the use and sense of each technique. By the way it was very easy to notice that all participants were full enthusiasm.
Some of them have already got to know TESSHINKAN, but everyone saw that a prejudice towards TESSHINKAN being a slow and undynamic style was more than wrong.
After finishing the B‘-NO-KIHON Frank taught the first KATA, SHUSHI-NO-KUN (SH‘). Having understood the basics and the KIHON everyone was able to do the KATA well.
Near the end of training we could have a look into the TEKK‘-KATA MAEZATO-NO-TEKK‘ and almost everyone could find movements there which look similiar to those of some KARATE DAN-KATA.

All in all the seminar ran well and everybody who did not take part, has surely missed something great. Thank you, very much, Frank, you did a great job.

   April 2005