Tesshinkan at the
„2009 Okinawa Traditional Karatedo World Tournament“
from 14th to 16th August in Naha / Okinawa

Okinawa (Japan) … 34 degree celsius in the shade … a humidity of almost 100% … 1.300 Karate- und Kobudô-practitioners from 45 countries competed at the „2009 Okinawa Traditional Karatedo World Tournament“ in fourteen announced categories. Among them: 19 Members of the Ryûkyû Kobudô Tesshinkan Kyôkai (Germany: 10, USA: 8, Canada: 1)

On Friday, 14th of August, the opening ceremony took place. The participants marched up the Budôkan, the hall of the martial arts in NAHA, ordered by their nations. Being called everyone competing was more than excited when he entered the hall, following his countries flag, passing the tribunes watched by the eyes of more than thousand visitors. After the official opening all participating styles and schools gave demonstrations. And so did the Tesshinkan group, too. Together with 4 further styles the Tesshinkan group consisting of 30 members and placed in the middle performed the KATA SAKUGAWA-NO-KUN (SHÔ) and CHIKIN-SHITAHAKU-NO-SAI.

The entire Sunday, 15th of August, was the day of the competition. After the opening ceremony in the morning the weighing and measuring of the weapons began. During the morning hours the Karate-part took place whereas the afternoon was completely spent on Kobudôka. The Tesshinkan members participated in seven of the fourteen possible categories. The best achieved places were four terrific 5th places. By the way the Tesshinkan-Kobudôka got a lot of positive feed-back. The results

* Senior - SAI-KATA - female:
5th Place Annamarie Mohan (USA)

* Senior - SAI-KATA - male:
9th Place Thomas Hodges (USA)

* Adult - SAI-KATA -female:
5th Place Stefanie Grzeja (Germany)
9th Place Andrea Bernhardt (Germany)
9th Place Kimberly Rivers (USA)
17th. Place Patricia Lasher (USA)

* Adult - SAI-KATA - male:
5th Place William Bray (USA)
9th Place Hagen Walter (Germany)
17th Place Jeffery Hawkins (USA)

* Senior - BO-KATA - male:
5th Place Frank Pelny (Germany)
17th Place Rainer Todsen (Canada)
17th Place David Seltser (USA)

* Adult - BO-KATA - female:
17th Place Doreen Schilling (Germany)
17th Place Birthe Babies (Germany)
17th Place Geertje Ganskow (Germany)

* Adult - BO-KATA - male:
9th Place Pierre Lorenz (Germany)
17th Place Nick Carter (USA)
17th Place Viktor Vollmer (Germany)
33th Place Sebastian Edelmann (Germany)

On Sunday, the last day of the World Tournament, everbody was given the possibility to attend seminars with grandmasters from Okinawa. Whereas the seminars in the morning were held by the so called “living cultural properties”, there were two seminars given by further grandmasters in the afternoon. The Tesshinkanka used all these various chances to attend the seminars they preferred individually: SHÔRIN-RYÛ; GÔJÛ-RYÛ, ÛECHI-RYÛ, RYÛKYÛ KOBUDÔ and RYÛEI-RYÛ.

The farewell-party took place at the Loisir-Hotel in Naha-Port. All participants celebrated this unforgettable event in a very friendly, happy and relaxed atmosphere.

To put things in a nutshell it is to say that everything was planned perfectly up to the smallest detail and the participants were able to fulfil the vision and thoughts of the World Tournament about peace and friendship.

Besides the World Tournament lasting four days the Tesshinkan-members also trained hard with their grandmaster Tamayose Hidemi (9th Dan). During their stay they were also able to enjoy cultural sightseeing, shopping (at Shureido) and bathing in the ocean. The dan-tests took also place on that Sunday. Watched by Tamayose Sensei ten examinees tried their best and even nine of them could pass the testing. The following ones could get their certifications from our grandmaster’s hands:

7th DAN Donald Shapland (Canada)
4th DAN Rainer Todsen (Canada)
3rd DAN Mac Newton (Canada)
2nd DAN Kimberly Rivers (USA)
2nd DAN Patricia Dawn Lasher (USA)
2nd DAN Jeffery Hawkins (USA)
2nd DAN David Seltser (USA)
1st DAN Holly Moolgard-Tuttle (Canada)
1st DAN Wolfram Reichmuth (Germany)

Whereas on Monday most of the US-Americans and Canadians had to leave Okinawa for their homes, the German group enjoyed Tamayose Sensei’s hospitality for one further week.